Friday, July 29, 2011

Early 1900s photograph of students, Eastport, Maine, partially identified

Early 1900s photograph of students at Eastport, Maine, with some names and placement numbers still legible.
Hopefully, readers will recognize some of the students.  

At least two of them are my relatives.  In the back row, third from left is Corinne (Jewers) Quigley, who was born about 1890 in Nova Scotia to William L. Jewers and Isabella (Mitchell) Jewers, but moved to the United States, when a young child, first to Lubec, Maine, and then to Eastport, Maine, where her father managed a sardine factory.  Her younger sister Sybil is also in the photograph, front row, second from left.

Names I can make out with little difficulty are: Bishop; Ethel Greenlaw; Leighton; Levereitt ?; Jerome Rutherford; Minnie Ward; Young; John McCurdy; Brown; Forsythe Bishop; Mary Gillis; Morrison; John Cheverie; Abe Hunt; Joe Ward; Della De Grasse ?; Avery; Arthur Roop; Mary McMahon; Watt

If you have any certainties or guesses as to the correct names and/or placement of any of these students, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

A map of Eastport, Maine:

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  1. Great photograph, My name is E. Chevrie, and it's possible that one of the pictures is my relative....John Chevrie. The Chevries were from Canada and then moved from the East coast eventually to Michigan.
    Do you know which one is John Chevrie, I think number 25?

  2. No, I don't, sadly. Do you have photographs of him that you might be able to compare, taking into consideration age progressions? Check the Maine & Maritime Canada Genealogy network and use the search box in the upper right corner, using the different name variations. Here's one for a Joe Cheverie in the military: