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Photos of the Oram family of Pennsylvania, including a vintage photo of an outing at Devil's Den on Gettyburg Battlefield

1800s photograph of a visit by members of the Pennsylvania Oram family to Devil's Den, located on the Gettysburg battlefield.  Nothing on reverse.

Above, possibly James R. Oram of Philadelphia and Shamokin, Pennsylvania, born about August 1843.  Reverse of this photograph: "My Dad".  [see photograph of "Mother" following.]

Another photograph of an elderly, bearded man, possibly also James R. Oram, nothing on reverse except the number 78:

CDV of an woman identified on reverse only as "Mother".  Perhaps she was the wife of James R. Oram.

Reverse of the above CDV:

The following two photographs are both identified on reverse as Lizzie Oram.  One of them adds the word "Mother". [I don't think this woman is the same "Mother" as the woman above, who seems a generation older.] 

This Lizzie may be the Lizzie who was the wife of James R. Oram's son Herbert M. Oram. [3 photographs of him after the 2 of Lizzie].  I haven't yet been able to find her maiden name or parents.

Reverse of this photograph:

And the other of Lizzie Oram:

Reverse of the above photograph:

A tintype and two CDVs of a young Herbert M. Oram, "Bertie", born about October 1869.

Information on the reverse of the above tintype:

CDV of a six year old boy that I believe is Herbert M. Oram:

Information on the reverse of the CDV above:  ["Your Dad" is legible; less legible is some handwriting in pencil at the top, though I did manage to make out "6 yrs".]

Another CDV of an 8 year old boy that I believe is Herbert M. Oram:

Information on the reverse of the CDV above: [Again, "Your Dad" can be read at the bottom.  The handwriting at the top is very faint, though I can make out the number 8, which is possibly the age of the subject when the photograph was taken.]

From online research, hopefully correct:

Herbert M. Oram was born about October 1869 in Pennsylvania, the son of James R. and Mary (?) Oram.  James was the head clerk for the John Hancock Ice Company at Philadelphia, according to information in the 1900 Census of Philadelphia.

Herbert's paternal grandparents were John F. and Louise (Farr) Oram.   According to an online source, John F. Oram's father William died at a military encampment in Richmond, Virginia during the War of 1812.  His father was Thomas Cooper Oram of Maryland.  

I have scant information on Louise (Farr) Oram, other than that she was born, possibly 14 February 1815 in Pennsylvania, and possibly the daughter of Joseph Farr.

I don't have information on Herbert's mother Mary's maiden name or parents, other than the indication, from the 1870 and 1880 Censuses, that she was born about 1844 in Pennsylvania.  I believe she died shortly after the 1880 Census, as in 1882 James married a Sarah, born about 1860 in Delaware, according to the 1900 Census of Philadelphia, and was still married to this Sarah by 1900.  

Incidentally, Herbert and his wife Elizabeth were living with James and Sarah during the time of that 1900 Census.  They indicated they'd been married five years by that time.  At some point, Herbert became chief clerk at City Hall (I assume the City Hall of Philadelphia).  Herbert and Lizzie had at least one child, a son James, born about 1908 in Pennsylvania.

By the 1930 Census, Herbert was the proprietor of an office supplies store.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding any of the information presented here, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

A map of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

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Information on Devil's Den.  Map of Devil's Den:

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