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Oct 1928 program of The Marble Collegiate Church, 5th Ave & 29th St., New York City

October 14, 1928 program of The Marble Collegiate Church, at Fifth Avenue and 29th Street, New York City.

Many names listed throughout.

Daniel A. Poling, D.D., LL.D., Minister
Pastor's Associates: Rev. Charles J. Haulenbeek; Rev. Charles Carroll Bailey
Director of Church Activities: Miss Merce E. Boyer
Assistant to Director: Miss Jean Doctor
Sunshine Chapel, 550 West 40th Street: Rev. Harry W. Murphy; Mrs. Jessie Martin
Amoy, China: Miss Mary E. Talmage
Yokohama, Japan: Miss Florence V. Buss
Annville, Nebraska: Miss Elizabeth Bayer
Vellore, India: Miss Ethel Talcott Scudder

Richard T. Percy, Organist and Director
Sue Harvard, Soprano
Lucius W. Metz, Acting Tenor
Helen Bard Nixon, Contralto
R. Norman Jolliffe, Baritone

Names in the Calendar for this week, other than those already mentioned above:
Miss Grace Robinson;
Mr. Leonard M. Miller
Mr. H. B. Prouty
Ruth Simpson

Names in the page above:  [many names are accompanied by addresses]
Mrs. Oscar M. Voorhees
Miss Evelyn Bixby
Mr. Clarence Bela Cukor
Mr. Richard Monroe Cukor
Mr. Ray S. Leach
Miss Betty Moffett
Mr. Ross Sanford
Miss Theresa Swenson
Mr. Charles E. Benisch
Miss Catherine Eckenroth
Miss Bertha Eckenroth
Miss Evelyn Eckenroth
Mr. Herbert Miller Grissinger
Mrs. John Gustafson
Miss Katherine Cameron Guthrie
Miss Harriet Weaver
Mrs. Howard Sitler
Miss Margaret Gardner Currie
Mr. Howard Sitler
Miss Jean Smith
Margaret E. Sangster
In memory of Mr. John S. Bussing
Sexton William Hadgraft

A map of the corner of Fifth Avenue and 29th Street in New York City:

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