Friday, July 15, 2011

Card given by Teacher May Norton to Mertie Ludwick

Charming vintage card given by teacher May Norton to her student Mertie Ludwick.  Sadly, no location given.

Hopefully a reader has knowledge of a May Norton who was a teacher in the late 1800s to early 1900s, and can locate a Mertie Ludwick in the same area.

There was a Myrtle Ludwick who was born in 1885 in Portage County, Ohio, the daughter of John Henry and Mary Delilah (Cope) Ludwick.  Myrtle married Charles P. Kasserman.  She died in Ravenna, Ohio in 1975.

And there was a Myrtle Mary "Mertie" Ludwick who was born in 1886 or 1887 in North Plains Township, Michigan, the daughter of Harvey Milton Ludwick and Emaline Melinda (Dick) Ludwick. Mertie married Henry Harder.  She died in 1952.
And there are perhaps several other Mertie Ludwicks across North America.  Again, if you have a theory as to the identities of student Mertie Ludwick and teacher May Norton, please leave a comment.

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