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1880s Letter from M. F. Y. in New York to Wife Phebe; perhaps the Young family of Surry, Maine

1880s letter from M. F. Y. in New York to Wife Phebe.  The letter may have been written about 1884 by Millard F. Young (1852-1919) to wife Phebe (Patriquin) Young (1864-1884) of Surry, Maine.
M.F.Y. is writing from New York City, where he has arrived in his leaky schooner that he despairs of sailing back around Cape Cod.  He asks about "the grate big boy", who, if the parents were indeed Millard and Phebe, may have been Bertie Augustus Young (1883-1961), who would marry Ida Millie Grindle.

The letter mentions Francis and Delia, who may have been Millard's and Phebe's siblings, respectively.

Transcription - if you spot errors or have additional information, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

New York Oct 23 188x

we have arrived here all safe but we have had a pretty hard time of it for the old schr leaked very bad and it was very rough and all was seasick except me and I could not get time to be for I had to pump all most the time. We shall go to discharging tomorrow if nothing happens. I dread to come round cape cod this fall in this old schooner for she leaks like a sieve but I must stand it, I suppose. I will write again before we leave here and tell you where we are going. I wrote to Francis today. How is Delia and that grate big boy and tell him that he has got my pillow in his cradle and I have to lay my head on my old coat. This all at present from you true and kind friend.
M. F. Y.

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