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1857 Letter from J. L. Lawrence to H. H. Hobbs, Esq. regarding Veazie v. Lawrence

August 18, 1857 letter from J. L. Lawrence at Franklin, Maine, to H. H. Hobbs, Esq., regarding the lawsuit Veazie v. Lawrence.


Franklin, Maine
August 18, 1857
H. H. Hobbs, Esq.
Dear Sir: - Immediately on receipt of this, please write, addressing me at No. 18, Exchange Street, Boston, & inform me whether you will be at Court at its next session & have the Action Veazie vs. Lawrence continued, as it is my object to have a trial of same at Some future day - 
Yours respectfully
J. L. Lawrence

J. L. Lawrence may have been Col. John L. Lawrence of Kittery Point, Maine, a merchant who had dealings in eastern Maine. He was injured in a carriage accident near the Hancock/Washington County line in 1858.

H. H. Hobbs may have been Hiram Hay Hobbs (1802-1884) of South Berwick, Maine.

Veazie may have been General Samuel Veazie (1787-1868), who owned lumber mills in Eastern Maine.

The lawsuit may have regarded a lumber sales dispute or a railway.
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