Monday, October 7, 2019

Three 1880s Cabinet Photos by New Orleans Studios: Surnames Cause or Causse, Fredrich

1882 cabinet photograph of Lotta Fredrich

Out of a large collection of photographs are three from the same era in New Orleans.  They may or may not have a relationship; if so, hopefully a reader can tease it out.

The photographs: (others shown farther below)
  • 1882 photograph of a young woman, shown above, identified on the reverse as Lotta Fredrich of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Photograph by the Simon studio of 21 Hospital Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.  She may have been Charlotte M. Frederick.
  • 1884 photograph of a man identified as Mr. Robert Cause of New Orleans, La.  Photo by Adams & Simon studio of 111 Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Cabinet photograph of two young girls identified on reverse as Aggie and Sarah.  Photograph by the C. H. Adams studio of 145 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
Interestingly, there was a Robert Causse (1830-1916) living in New Orleans with wife Agnes D. (Hogarth) Causse and a daughter Agnes, who would be about the age of Aggie and Sarah.  Robert Causse was a native of South Carolina.

If you recognize the names or partial names and can provide a further identity, and especially if you can draw a connection between the photographs, please leave a comment.

Reverse of 1882 photograph of Lotta Fredrich

 1884 cabinet photograph of Robert Cause - not sure of surname

Reverse of 1884 cabinet photograph of Robert Cause - not sure of surname

 Cabinet photograph of Aggie & Sarah

Reverse of cabinet photograph of Aggie & Sarah

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