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Photographs of Rufus Prince (1801-1881) and Wife Sophia (Brewster) Prince (1804-1864)

Photographs of Rufus Prince (1801-1881) and Sophia (Brewster) Prince (1804-1864) who lived at Bangor, Maine.  The photographs were taken by the Frank C. Weston studio of Bangor, Maine.

Identifications on the reverse of each photograph were written by the Princes' great granddaughter Gladys.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

The following information is from The Brewster Genealogy : 1566-1907 : A record of the descendants of William Brewster of the "Mayflower ruling elder of the Pilgrim church which founded Plymouth colony in 1620 by Emma C. Brewster Jones and published in 1908.

Rufus Prince was born 24 September 1801 at Buckfield, Maine, son of Job Prince and Hannah (Bryant) Prince.  Sophia (Brewster) Prince was born 11 January 1804 at Kingston, Massachusetts, daughter of Thomas Brewster and Mary (Hall) Brewster.

Rufus and Sophia married at Kingston, Massachusetts, on 18 November 1828 and had eight children at Bangor, where Rufus was a merchant.

See an 1864 drawing by Prince employee John Martin (1823-1904) of the Prince house here and of the Prince soap and tallow factory and store here.

Rufus and Sophia are buried in the Bangor City Cemetery, also known as the Public Grounds Cemetery, adjacent to Mount Hope Cemetery at Bangor, Maine.

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