Saturday, October 12, 2019

1787 York, Maine, Document: John Wincott; Mary Allen; William Frost, Register of Deeds

Document dated May 31, 1787 at York, Maine, signed by William Frost, Register of Deeds for York County, regarding his bill for services rendered to Mrs. or Miss Mary Allen in researching the estate records of John Wincott - or W. John Wincott or Mr. John Wincott, from 1647 to the present.

In 1647 and up to 1820, Maine was a District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It's interesting to speculate on what led to the necessity for researching the records.

William Frost (1747-1827), a Revolutionary War veteran, served as Register of Deeds for York County, District of Maine, from 1786 to 1816, as well as County Treasurer from 1787-1812.  The link provides extensive information and a photograph of the monument erected by William Frost's great grandchildren.

John Wincott may have been the 17th century Maine landowner and civic leader John Wincott or one of his descendants.  If you can tease out the connection between Wincott and Mary Allen, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

York, Maine, was larger in area in 1787; it set off land for South Berwick in 1834.


  1. I didn't get anywhere with John Wincott or Mary Allen

    1. I know - I think it's because he's the 17th century John Wincott - 1647 appears in Frost's writing - so not so many records, at least not online - and, many years later, Mary, for some reason which I'd love to know, was wanting a records search. Allen could be Miss or Mrs, maiden name or married name or maybe it's not even Allen... Assuming no fires or other calamities, the records that William Frost found might still exist at Alfred, Maine, in case a reader is interested in pursuing.