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Photographs of Joseph Clifton Avery of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, as a Boy; and of his Children

Joseph Clifton Avery

Four photographs relating to the Avery family of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire:
  • Joseph Clifton Avery as a boy, shown above; by the Brigham studio of Dover, New Hampshire
  • Howard Clifton Avery, son of Joseph Clifton Avery; two photographs, at one year and at one year and one month; both shown farther below and both by the Gerry Studio of Wolfeboro and Farmington, New Hampshire.  
  • Helen Bethana Avery, Joseph Clifton Avery's daughter; at one year, shown farther below; photo by the Elson studio of Woburn, Massachusetts. 

Reverse of photograph of Joseph Clifton Avery

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Joseph Clifton Avery was born at Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, on 1 June 1874, son of Joseph Lorenzo Avery and Helen Maria (Libby) Avery.  On 29 October 1901, at Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Joseph Clifton Avery, then an insurance agent, married teacher Minna Hodge, daughter of William B. Hodge and Sarah (Mock) Hodge.

Children of J. Clifton Avery and Minna (Hodge) Avery:
  • Helen Bethana Avery was born 24 October 1902 at Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  Helen married Howard Arthur Rollins on 10 October 1925 at Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.
  • Howard Clifton Avery was born 28 October 1904 at Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  Howard married Elvira Zulauf.

 Helen Bethana Avery at one year

Reverse of photograph of Helen Bethana Avery at one year

 Howard Clifton Avery at one year

 Reverse of photograph of Howard Clifton Avery at one year

 Howard Clifton Avery at a year and one month

Reverse of photograph of Howard Clifton Avery at a year and one month

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  1. Are you an Avery? I graduated from Brewster Academy in 1950 and went to UNH. There was an upperclassman from Wolfeboro who gave several of us a ride home at Christmas. I think her name was Katherine Avery, and she would have been my age or a year or two older (I was born 1931). I remembered her father's name as Clifton Avery; I suppose he was actually Howard Avery. I thought he was a lawyer, and in any event he was trustee of a local trust fund and sent me a check for $200, that year and each year until I graduated. Is there any chance I have the right upperclassman and the right Wolfeboro businessman? Thank you -- Dan Ford

    1. Not an Avery, just someone who tries to reunite orphan heirlooms