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Program of Spring Meeting of North Cumberland Local Union of Christian Endeavor, held at Gray Congregational Church on Friday, June 19, 1914

Program for the Spring Meeting of the North Cumberland Local Union of Christian Endeavor, held at Gray Congregational Church in the afternoon and evening of Friday, June 19, 1914.

Afternoon Session, 2:30 o'clock
  • Praise and Devotional Service - Rev. R. J. Davis, Yarmouth, Maine - presumably Rev. Reuben J. Davis
  • Address of Welcome - Miss Olive Brown, President of the Gray Christian Endeavor Society
  • Response - Rev. F. A. Snow, President of the Local Union - Rev. Fred Albertis Snow of Freeport, Maine
  • Reports of Societies
  • Election of Delegates to the Summer School
  • Discussion: The Efficiency Campaign for the Local Union; What it can do for the individual societies - Miss Priscilla B. Merrill, Gray, Maine
  • Our Young People Co-operating - Mr. Harry W. Rowe, State Christian Endeavor Field Secretary
  • Address: Power for Service - Rev. William F. Slade, Gray, Maine
  • Offering
  • Supper served by the entertaining Society
Evening Service, 7:00 o'clock
  • Praise and Devotional Service - Rev. W. F. Slade, Gray, Maine - Rev. William F. Slade
  • Offering
  • Address: The Ideal Christian Endeavor - Rev. George Stair, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Portland, Maine
  • Presentation of Banner - the Society sending the largest delegation in proportion to their membership will receive the banner, holding it until the next meeting.
  • Mizpah Service - Rev. Edward B. Foster, New Gloucester, Maine
  • Entertainment over night will be given all who desire to stay overnight - Miss Mabel Douglass, Gray, Maine; chairman of the entertainment committee

Directory, North Cumberland Local Union of Christian Endeavor
Meetings twice Yearly: Spring Meeting in May or June; Fall Meeting in October or November

Officers of the Local Union
  • President, Rev. F. A. Snow of Freeport, Maine - Rev. Fred Albertis Snow (1861-1931)
  • Vice President, Mr. T. A. Field of Brunswick, Maine - perhaps the Brunswick, Maine, jeweler Thomas A. Field
  • Secretary and Treasurer - Mrs. L. M. Pennell of Freeport, Maine - perhaps Mrs. Leida Merry (Stetson) Pennell, wife of William M. Pennell
Executive Committee
  • Mr. Snow
  • Mr. Field
  • Mr. Pennell
  • Miss Brown
  • Miss Gray
  • Miss Shorey
Societies constituting the Union
  • Brunswick - Baptist
  • Brunswick - Free Baptist
  • Freeport - Congregational
  • Freeport - Baptist
  • Gray - Congregational
  • Harpswell Center - Congregational
  • North Harpswell - Congregational
  • New Gloucester - Congregational
  • Topsham - Free Baptist
  • Topsham - Baptist
  • Walnut Hill - Congregational
  • Yarmouth - Congregational
  • Yarmouthville - Baptist

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