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Bristol, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then included what is now Bremen, Damariscotta and South Bristol

Bristol, Maine, in the 1820 Census - then included what is now Bremen, Damariscotta and South Bristol

Boundary changes since 1820:
  • Part set off in 1828 to form Bremen
  • Part set off in 1847 to form Damariscotta
  • Part set off in 1915 to form South Bristol

Note: the 1820 Census lists heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

Enumerator: Jesse Page

The enumerator sometimes fit in the end of a town and its aggregate in the midst of another town's enumeration.  For best results, check all of the towns that Jesse Page enumerated.
Bristol - this post

Total enumerated population of Bristol - 2927 inhabitants

The enumeration of Bristol appears Sheets 343-360; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

The enumerator's occasional use of phonetic spellings may have affected alphabetization of the list below. In addition, most of the enumerator's entries were in the format of last name; given name; but several appear to be in the opposite format.  Consequently, I may have misinterpreted the correct order of some names.  Please be sure to check the entire list for the person you're researching.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households, Sheet Numbers
Margaret ? - Ivehoe, Truhoe, Tachoe, etc. - perhaps related to Trowant346
Thomas ? - surname very faint355
Jedediah Arnold or Zedediah Arnold351
Sarah Arnold344
Peter Bailey352
Andrew Baker345
Enoch Barton358
Ebenezer Bass345
Ebenezer Bass360
John Bass352
Samuel Bass345
Enos Baxter347
Jeremiah Been359
Aaron Blaney, Jr.352
Charles Blinn347
Ebenezer Blunt346
James Blunt346
James Blunt, Jr.346
James Boid347
Samuel Boid347
Susannah Bootman358
Thomas Brackett358
Jesse Bradley357
Charles Brow348
John Brow343
Peter Brow350
Simon Brow348
Charles Bryant348
George Bryant348
John Bryant344
John Bryant347
Jonathan Bryant347
Samuel Bryant344
Samuel Bryant348
Robert Bucklin356
William Burnham355
Thomas Burns348
William Burns348
Thomas Calderwood346
James Carlile354
James Carter343
John Carter360
William Carter343
William Chamberlain360
William Chamberlain, 2d352
Isarel Chapman - presumably Israel Chapman351
Arthur Childs357
Nathaniel Church351
Alexander Clark356
Elisha Clark346
James Clark350
John Clark356
Samuel Clark356
John Coggins344
Taber Cogins349
Ezekiel Collime - perhaps Ezekiel Collamore343
David Collemore349
Isaac Collemore349
John Collemore349
Peter Collemore349
Ezekiel Collime - perhaps Ezekiel Collamore343
Christopher Collimore350
James Coombs357
Silvanus Coombs357
David Covel351
Michael Covel354
Martin Cowin352
Alexander Cox353
Israel Cox359
John Cox351
Frederick Creamer351
James Cripps348
Joseph Crooker353
Philip Crooker353
Joseph Dunnals350
Daniel Curtis358
James Curtis354
Oliver Curtis360
Rufus Curtis357
William Curtis358
Apolos Cushman343
Ezra Cushman343
Richard Cutland351
Joseph Cuworth - presumably Joseph Cudworth350
Ezekiel Davis358
Isarel Davis - presumably Israel Davis343
Robert Davis358
Thomas Davis344
Nathaniel Day345
Robert Day351
Widow Dow347
James Drummond346
James Drummond, Jr.346
Mary Duckindorf349
Solomon Duckindorf - presumably Solomon Dockendorff348
Ruben Dyer346
Nancy Elliot359
Alexander Erskins345
Alexander Erskins, 2d352
David Erskins345
Ebenezer Erskins353
George Erskins345
Henry Erskins345
James Erskins345
Robert Erskins345
William Erskins354
Henry Ervin347
Michael Fannel or Faunel - or ?356
Ezekiel Farrer344
John Farrer348
Josiah Farrer - not sure of surname344
Mark Feltus345
James Fish351
John Fitch353
Timothy Fitch353
Henry Fosset347
Henry Fosset357
Henry Fosset, 2d347
James Fosset357
James Fosset, 2d357
John Fosset357
Thomas Fosset347
William Fosset357
Alexander Foster355
Daniel Foster356
John Foster355
John Foster355
John R. Foster - not sure if R is a middle initial or a name suffix355
Thomas Foster355
William Foster356
Jacob Fountain347
John Fountain347
John Fountain360
Patrick Fowler360
Alexander Frost359
Alexander Fuller356
Samuel Fuller360
Simon Gall348
Daniel Gammage356
Daniel Gammage - name suffix possibly 2d355
Joshua Gammage355
Joshua Gammage, Jr.355
Nathaniel Gammage355
Thomas Gammage355
John F. Gardiner353
John Genthner349
Amos Gowdy354
John Gowdy354
Joseph Gray355
Alexander Grinlow - presumably a variant of Greenlow and Greenlaw359
Ebenezer Grinlow - presumably a variant of Greenlow and Greenlaw357
Cornelious Gross351
John Gross351
Daniel Gurier354
James H ? - possibly James Hartston359
John Hacy or Hary - not sure of surname346
Frederick Hahn351
Harvey Hall351
Patrick Handley352
Rogger Handley, Sr.352
Rogger Handly, Jr.346
David Hanes359
Jonathan Hanes357
Sullivan Hardy349
James H ? - possibly James Hartston
William Hastings359
Elisha Hatch351
Elisha Hatch, Jr.345
Enoch Hatch347
Howland Hatch346
Philips Hatch - a name suffix follows, possibly Sr.347
Philips Hatch, Jr.347
Isaac Hawley354
Charles Helmerhousan350
Samuel Hill359
James Hilton350
John Hilton345
John Hilton350
John Hilton, Jr.350
Joseph Hilton345
Joseph Hilton350
Joshua Hilton350
Joshua Hilton, 2d343
William Hilton - not sure of surname344
James Hitchcock352
Richard Hitchcock352
George Holden357
Lydia Holden357
John Howe345
Joshua Howe345
Marcus Howe or Marius Howe353
Henry Hueston353
James Hueston352
John Hueston, 2d352
John Hueston, 3d352
Robert Hueston352
Robert Hueston - not sure of either name - obscured346
Robert Hueston, 3d352
Thomas Hueston352
William Hueston353
William Hueston, 2d352
William Hueston, 3d352
William Hueston, 3d, or possibly 2d351
Ebenezer Humphrey348
Jacob Humphreys344
Jesse Humphreys344
Jesse Humphreys, Jr.344
Peter Hussey344
Hohn Huston352
David Hutchings353
Thomas Hutchings353
Thomas Hutchings, Jr.353
George Hyer351
James Johnston349
James Johnston, Jr.349
Mary Johnston349
Thomas Johnston350
William Johnston359
Ambrose Jones356
James Jones352
James Jones - not sure of name suffix, possibly 2d345
James Jones, 3d352
Mary Jones346
Simeon Jones345
William Jones352
Abden Keen - presumably Alden Keen349
Daniel Keen349
Hannah Keen349
Howland Keen349
Mark Keen349
Robert Keen349
William Keen344
Jane Kelley351
Ester Kelsey354
Michael Kent358
Dianna Kimball349
William Knights355
Joseph Lane343
John Laten347
Thomas Laten347
John Leeman359
John Leeman360
Samuel Leeman360
Joel Libby359
Hugh Little352
Hugh Little358
John Little - name suffix very faint, possibly Sen.353
John Little, 2d354
Tuttle Little354
William H. Little351
Robert Loud343
Samuel Loud343
William Loud343
Josiah Lowden345
John Marshal350
Job Martin358
Samuel Martin344
Samuel Martin358
William Martin350
James McAnuer or McAnver or ?345
John McClain351
Simon McClain350
Richard McClary343
William McClentick356
Samuel McCobb343
William McCobb358
John McCown357
Sally McCown357
Thomas McFadding351
William McFadding351
Andrew McFarland358
George McFarland355
James McFarland358
Robert McFarland358
William McFarland356
Mary McGlathery359
Henry McGuyre356
Thomas McGuyre354
James McIntyre358
Nancy McIntyre360
David McMickle353
Ephraim McMickle353
James McMickle353
James McMurphey343
John McMurphey343
John McNier353
Mary Merrill356
Jonathan Merrit350
Henry Miers353
Jeremiah Miers354
John Miers354
Cuff Miller343
John Miller - suffix is possibly Sen.351
Robert Miller351
Thomas Miller357
William Miller354
Patten Morrow346
James Morton346
John Morton348
John Morton, 2d344
John Morton, Jr.348
Robert Morton348
Robert Morton, 2d347
William Morton347
Oliver Nash349
Oliver Nash350
James Nichols358
John Nichols358
Thomas Nichols358
William Nichols358
William Nichols, Jr.360
Andrew Oliver357
John Otis355
Robert Owen343
John Oyser - presumably John Osier350
Thomas Oyser - presumably Thomas Osier350
Barker Oyzer - presumably Barker Osier (1789-1861)349
Joseph Oyzer - presumably Joseph Osier349
Sally Oyzer - presumably Sally Osier349
John Page353
William Page354
William Page, Sr.353
Nathaniel Palmer351
Samuel Palmer359
Hugh Paul354
Michael Pierce358
Sewell Pierson354
Amos Pinkham353
Elisha Pinkham353
Betsey Plummer356
James Plummer356
Benjamin Pomroy - not sure if what follows is a name suffix or middle initial352
Ebenezer Pool355
Samuel H. Pool347
James Porterfield357
William Porterfield357
Ezra Powland359
John Powland358
Lemuel Powland343
Michael Powland360
Nehemah Powland360
George Prior343
Samuel Purkins344
Archibald Richard or Richards348
Benjamin Richard, Jr.344
Benjamin Richard, Jr. - not sure of name suffix, but possibly Sr.344
James Richard or Richards354
Joseph Richard or Richards348
William Richard or Richards348
Isaac Richards344
John Richards353
Lemuel Richards344
George Roads350
Hugh Robbins357
Thompson Robbinson355
William Robbinson356
George Roggers359
Mary Roggers359
Moses Roggers355
George Russel346
James Russel359
John Russel359
William Russel359
George Sidelinker - 2nd i not dotted345
George Sidelinker, Jr. - 2nd i not dotted345
John Sidelinker345
Samuel Sidelinker - 2nd i not dotted345
Artemus Sikes354
Joab Simmons343
Hannah Smith348
Joseph Smith348
James Sprague359
Francis Sprowl 346
Hannah Sprowl357
Isaac Sprowl346
James Sprowl359
James Sprowl, 2d356
James Sprowl, Jr.359
John Sprowl, 2d347
John Sprowl, 3d357
John Sprowl, Sr.356
Robert Sprowl346
William Sprowl359
William Sprowl, 2d356
William Sprowl, 3d346
Alexander Stevens350
John Stevens356
Thomas Stevens349
Dolly Steward347
Edward Steward347
Lemuel Studley 343
Nathaniel Studley350
John Stutson344
Caleb Tarr355
Benjamin Thompson355
Daniel Thompson356
Daniel Thompson, 2d355
David Thompson355
Joshua Thompson356
Joshua Thompson, Jr.356
Miles Thompson358
Moses Thompson356
William Thompson355
John Thurston355
Ephraim Tibbets358
Samuel Tibbets357
Stephen Tibbets355
John Tilton353
Caroline Toby344
Samuel Trowant351
Samuel Tucker344
Benjamin Tukey359
Cornelious Turner350
Robert Turner350
John Upham358
James Varney346
Moses G. Varney346
Joseph Warsborn - perhaps Bristol Postmaster Joseph Washburn346
Joseph Warsborn - perhaps Bristol Postmaster Joseph Washburn346
Benjamin Webber348
Charles Webber344
Gillman Wellman343
Joseph Wellman343
Ebenezer Wells346
Robert Wells357
Benjamin Welsh343
James Wentworth354
Jenny Wentworth354
John Wentworth354
John Wentworth354
Joshua Wentworth354
Samuel Wentworth354
Daniel Weston349
Eliphaz Weston349
Irena Weston - presumably Arunah Weston348
Joshua Weston348
Abijah Wheeler359
John Willet345
John Williamson350
Carpenter Winslow349
Benjamin Woodberry344
Isarel Woodberry - presumably meant Israel Woodberry345
James Woodward352
John Woodward352
Alexander Wyllie353
George W. Yates360
George Yates360
James Yates360
Nathaniel Yates356
Samuel Yates344
William Yates360
George Yeates 3d348
Samuel Yeates - what appears to be a faint name suffix, possibly Jr.347
Samuel Yeates, 2d348
Thomas Yeates348
Benjamin Yeaton350
Ebenezer Young346
Joseph Young357

Bristol, Maine, in 2020

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