Sunday, January 26, 2020

1945 Photograph of a Haying Party, presumably at the Litchfield farm at Hartland, Maine: Litchfield, Woodman, Jordan, Sawyer

Photograph, dated 1945, of a cheerful haying party, presumably at the Litchfield farm in Hartland, Maine.

 I believe the people are:
  • Thomas Jefferson Litchfield, at far left, and wife Maude Iona (Staples) Litchfield, one of the two women second and third right - of Hartland, Maine
  • Tonya (Woodman) Watson, the little girl on the hay pile, granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson Litchfield and Maude Iona (Staples) Litchfield.  Her mother was their daughter, Bernice I. (Litchfield) Woodman of Hartland, Maine.
  • Cora Mae (Lewis) Cookson Hight Jordan, one of the two women, second and third right - of Hartland,  Maine
  • Twins Harvey D. Sawyer and Hartley D. Sawyer, grandsons of Cora Mae (Lewis) Cookson Hight Jordan. The twin's mother was Cora's daughter, Ola Madeline (Hight) Sawyer.
  • As for Roger, presumably at far right, "the boy she [Cora] brought up" - did the person writing the identification mean that Cora merely brought Roger along for the day to help with the haying, or did Cora help to rear Roger?

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Please be cautious when leaving information about living or recently deceased people.

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