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Boothbay, Maine, in the 1820 Census (then included Boothbay Harbor and Southport)

Boothbay, Maine, in Lincoln County, in the 1820 Census - then included Boothbay Harbor and Southport.

Boundary changes since 1820:
  • Townsend (now Southport) set off in 1842
  • Boothbay Harbor set off in 1889

Note: the 1820 Census lists heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

Enumerator: Jesse Page

Note: Some of the pages appear mixed up, with aggregates missing where you would expect them and appearing somewhere in the middle of another town's enumeration.

For best results, check all of the towns that Jesse Page enumerated:
Enumerated total population of Boothbay - 1950 inhabitants

The enumeration of Boothbay appears on Sheets 312-325 [the Boothbay aggregate is at the top of Sheet 312, with Monhegan Island following; then followed by several sheets with Boothbay written in the margin; Sheet 325 is Newcastle with a few names at the bottom with Boothbay in the margin.]

The enumerator's occasional use of phonetic spellings may have affected alphabetization of the list below.  Please be sure to check the entire list for the person you're researching.

In addition, this enumerator's name suffixes - "Jr.", "2d", 3d", etc., are hard to tease out; I may have confused a name suffix with a middle initial, since Jesse Page listed heads of households by last name, given name, suffix or middle initial.  [In some online indexing of the towns Jesse Page enumerated, people's names are indexed backwards.]

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households, all on Sheet 312
Ephraim ?312
John ?, Jr. - surname obscured318
Stephen ? - surname obscured318
Henry Abbot315
John Abbot320
David Adams323
David R. Adams or David Adams, Jr.317
James Adams321
Richard Adams323
Samuel Adams321
Sarah Adams317
Danuel Alley or Panuel Alley - not sure of given name322
John Alley313
John Alley322
Jacob Alls314
James Alls323
William Alls323
John Andrews322
Winthrop Andrews322
Daniel Averill, Jr.314
Asa Baker313
Lewis Ball320
Benjamin Barten315
John Barter316
John Barter, 2d315
Joseph Barter315
Joseph Barter, Jr.315
Josiah Barter315
Judy Barter315
Samuel Barter315
Widow Barter315
Joseph Beath314
Jeremiah Beeth323
John Bennet322
James Benning315
Joseph Booker323
Alexander Boyed324
Ebenezer Boyed323
George W. Boyed323
Samuel Boyed324
William Bragg313
William Bragg321
James Brewer314
Samuel Brewer314
David Brown323
John Brown323
Elkana Bryer324
Elkana Bryer, Jr.324
John Bryer323
Joseph Bryer324
Robert Bryer323
Samuel Bryer324
Samuel Bryer, Jr.324
Samuel Bryer, Jr. or 2d324
William Bryer323
William Bryer, 2d316
William Bryer, Jr.318
Susannah Burks313
John Burnham325
John Cameron319
Daniel Cammeron319
William Cammon320
James Campbell314
Joseph Campbell314
Michael Campbell324
William Campbell315
Joseph Carlile324
William Carlile323
William Clark317
Ebenezer Clefford321
Francis Crooker313
Patience Currier320
Joshua Cushing - suffix is possibly "Jr."321
David Day315
Abraham Decker320
Abraham Decker, Jr.320
Ebenezer Decker320
John Decker319
John Decker, 2d318
Thomas Decker320
Thomas Decker, 3d319
Thomas Decker, Jr.320
William Decker320
Nathan Dole313
Samuel Donnell321
Timothy Dunbar316
William Dunbar316
William Durant318
Edward Emmerson325
John Emmerson313
William Emmerson313
David Emmery318
William Farnum321
Janet Fisher314
Isaac Foss321
John Fuller - not sure of surname317
John Fullerton314
Samuel Gibbs323
John Giles312
John Giles317
Thomas Grant325
Amos Gray321
Francis Gray319
Henry Gray321
John Grimes322
Joseph Grimes322
John Growver322
Joseph Hoop or Joseph Hoofs or Joseph Hooss323
Benjamin Harris314
Samuel Harris318
Samuel Harris, Jr.319
William Harris319
Benjamin Hodgdon318
John Hodgdon318
John Hodgdon320
Tylor Hodgdon316
Ezekiel Holbrook322
Jeremiah Holton323
John Holton323
Joseph Hoop or Joseph Hoofs or Joseph Hooss323
Cornelius Horn319
Joseph Horn319
Stephen Horn319
William Horn319
Andrew Hutchings317
Benjamin Hutchings - not sure of given name317
Frederick Hutchings317
John Hutchings317
Jonathan Hutchings324
John Ingraham320
Isaac Kelley324
John Kelley324
Anny Kennedy313
Henry Kennedy317
William Kennedy324
David Kenneston323
Abijah Kenney321
Samuel Kenney316
Jonathan Kent316
Henry Kimball316
John Knights314
Nathaniel Knights322
Nichols Knights323
Samuel Knights325
Daniel Landerkin313
John Landerken312
Richard Landerkin313
Andrew Langdon317
Samuel Laswell315
John Leachman314
Edward Sergent or Lergent314
Walter Lennekin322
Giles Lewis315
Isaac Lewis316
John Lewis316
John Lewis, 2d324
John Lewis, 2d - not sure of 2d315
Lemuel Lewis316
Samuel Lewis313
Stephen Lewis316
Stephen Lewis, Jr.316
William A. Lewis321
William Lewis316
Ephraim Linnerkin322
George Love318
John Love314
John Love320
Samuel Lumas317
Ebenezer Lundy - not sure of surname321
Daniel Matthews317
John Matthews316
Joseph Matthews316
William Matthews314
John McClentick317
Ephraim McCobb324
John McCobb, 2d318
Joseph McCobb314
Paul McCobb321
Samuel McCobb324
William McCobb315
John McCown320
William McCown318
Andrew McFarland314
John M. McFarland314
Benjamin McFarling - not sure of surname315
Thomas McGlothrin - not sure of surname315
George Merrell321
David Merry313
James Montgomery323
Nathaniel Montgomery322
Widow Montgomery314
William Montgomery314
James Murrey322
Jonathan Morrison318
Samuel Murry322
John Neal318
John Norwood314
George Page322
Maddocks Pellsgrove319
David Pierce319
Elisabeth Pierce319
George W. Pierce319
Jonathan Pierce319
Joseph Pierce319
Joseph Pierce, Jr.319
Silvester Pierce319
Andrew Pinkham320
Benjamin Pinkham315
Benjamin Pinkham324
Calvin Pinkham315
Calvin Pinkham, Jr.315
David Pinkham317
Ichabod Pinkham318
Isaac Pinkham317
John Pinkham324
John Pinkham, 2d324
Mary Pinkham313
Nathaniel Pinkham313
Nathaniel Pinkham315
Nathaniel Pinkham324
Samuel Pinkham315
John Poor319
Ebenezer Prebble320
John Rackley314
Benjamin Rackliff322
Betsey Rackliff323
John Rann319
Alexander Reed321
Andrew Reed, 2d316
Andrew Reed, 3d320
Andrew Reed, 4th316
David Reed318
David Reed - suffix possibly "Jr."318
David Reed, 2nd318
David Reed, 3d313
Henry Reed324
John M. Reed318
John Reed, 2d320
Matthew Reed313
Paul Reed320
Paul Reed, 2d321
Robert Reed320
Robert Reed, 2d318
Robert Reed, 3d318
Sarah Reed313
William M. Reed314
William Reed318
William Reed321
Michael Robbinson322
Daniel Rose321
Thomas Rowel319
George Rowe322
Jacob Sawyer316
Thomas Seargent322
Edward Sergent or Lergent314
Abial Sherman313
Ebenezer Sherman313
Eleazer Sherman312
Elisha Sherman313
Rogger Sherman313
John Slowman319
Samuel G. Smith - possibly James G. Smith316
John Southward316
Amasa Spafford or Stafford320
Abraham Springer314
Dependance Stover315
John Stover317
Joseph Stover317
Samuel Stover316
Susannah Stover317
William Stover315
John Swett318
Joseph Tallman321
Samuel Thompson318
Samuel Thompson, Jr.320
William Thompson318
Lewis Thropp316
Giles Tibbets317
Giles Tibbets, Jr.317
James Tibbets316
John Tibbets317
Joseph Tibbets313
Mark Tibbets317
Nathaniel Tibbets320
Samuel Tibbets316
Obediah Trask324
William Trask324
Ebenezer Varnum322
John Varnum322
Jonathan Varnum322
Francis Wadsworth325
Israel Walton318
John Walton319
Samuel Walton319
Ezekiel Webber323
John Webber317
Stephen Webber319
Isaac Weston323
Benjamin Wheeler324
Edmund Wilson321
Samuel Wilson319
Alen Wyllie or Alexander Wyllie or ?317
John Wyllie313
Robert Wyllie313
Robert Wyllie321
Robert Wyllie, 3d317

Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor and Southport in 2020

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