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Newcastle, Maine, in the 1820 Census

Newcastle, Maine, in the 1820 Census.

Boundary changes since 1820: part of Jefferson was annexed in 1858

Note: the 1820 Census lists heads of households only; see the original sheets for a tally of people within a household by age range and gender.

Enumerator: Jesse Page

Note: Some of the pages appear mixed up, with aggregates missing where you would expect them and appearing somewhere in the middle of another town's enumeration.

For best results, check all of the towns that Jesse Page enumerated:
Total enumerated population of Newcastle - 1240 inhabitants

The enumeration of Newcastle appears on Sheet 325-332; use the arrow at top left to page forward.

The enumerator's occasional use of phonetic spellings may have affected alphabetization of the list below.  Please be sure to check the entire list for the person you're researching.

If you find errors or have information to share on any of the people listed below, please leave a comment.

Heads of Households, Sheet Numbers
Arthur Avorill329
Francis Avorill329
Samuel Avorill329
Hezekiah Baley331
William H. Bass331
Abigail Bestow331
James Bestow332
John Bowland or Rowland332
Elijah Brown330
Barnard Bruse328
Nathaniel Bryant, Jr.332
Daniel Campbell327
Thomas Campbell330
Henry Cargill329
Margaret Cargill329
Samuel Cargill328
Benjamin Carney; appears to be a suffix, possibly 3d or Jr.329
Christopher Carter331
Daniel Carter or Daniel Curtis or Daniel ?326
Robert Catland331
Charles Chase327
Oliver Chase325
Thomas Chase327
Charles Clapp332
Benjamin Clark326
Charles Clark326
Ebenezer Clark327
Ephraim Clark327
Jacob Clark331
John Clark326
West Clark - not sure of given name326
William Clark327
James Cook327
Joseph Coombs325
Jesse Cooper328
Royal Copeland328
Atley Cothrin330
Widow Cothrin330
Charles Cox - not sure of surname325
? Cunningham - given name possibly Samuel, Lemuel or James329
Alexander Cunningham or Alen Cunningham328
Charles Cunningham328
Charles Cunningham330
Sally Cunningham327
Thomas Cunningham329
Daniel Carter or Daniel Curtis or Daniel ?326
Seth Curtis329
Moses Darry or Moses Darcy or Moses Dany327
Mark Davis330
Spencer Decker332
Daniel Dodge330
David Dodge331
Enoch Dodge330
Isaac Dodge331
Josiah Dodge331
Paul Dodge331
Washington Dodge331
Thomas Dow326
Patrick Downey331
Solomon Dunbar331
Joseph Dunton330
John Elder328
Andrew Elliot326
James Erskine - not sure of surname327
Widow Erskins329
Ebenezer Farley331
Salley Farley331
Daniel Fly332
Charles Follinsby325
James Follinsby327
Widow Given or Grieser or ? - not sure of surname
Daniel Gerish325
John Gibbs332
David Given329
Widow Given or Grieser or ?325
John Glidden332
John Glidden, Jr.332
Joseph Glidden332
Mary Glidden332
Samuel Glidden332
William Glidden329
Thomas Gray330
Thomas Gray, Jr.329
Ebenezer Haggett330
Jesse Hall326
Elisha Hallet330
Simeon Handley332
William Handley332
Charles Harding328
Frederick Hatch326
Zaccheus Hatch or Zacheus Hatch326
Sally Hilton332
Nancy Hodgdon332
John Holmes329
William Hopkins331
John Hurley328
Mary Hurley329
Matthew Hurley328
Ralf Hurley328
Ralf Hurley, Jr.328
Robert Hurley328
Job Hussey332
Job Hussey, 2d332
John Hussey332
Solomon Hutchings330
Sally Jenny327
Jesse Jones332
John Jones326
Josiah Jones326
Peter Jones326
William Jones330
Adoman Judgson - he may have been Rev. Adoniram Judson, father of the famous missionary to Burma332
James Kavanaugh326
David Kennedy329
Henry Kennedy330
Samuel Kennedy329
Thomas Kennedy327
Thomas Kennedy329
William Kennedy327
William Kennedy - appears to be a suffix, possibly "Jr."329
Patrick Lennon or Lanmore or ? - not sure of surname328
Ezekiel Laten328
George Laten328
Samuel Laten328
William Leeman330
Patrick Lennon or Lanmore or ?; struck over328
Thomas Lennon328
Samuel Libby331
Benjamin Lincoln327
Abner Little331
Betsey Little331
Henry Little331
Joshua Little329
Ralf C. Little331
Rosannah Little331
Samuel Little331
William Mann328
Robert McQuigg328
William Melcher - not sure of surname, smeared332
William Merrill325
Josiah Mirick - not sure of surname332
William Mooney325
Joseph Morgan325
Paul Morgan326
Timothy Morrill330
David Murrey327
Charles Nichols330
John Nichols330
Steward Nichols326
Hannah Otis331
John Page330
Robert Page330
Ebenezer Patterson330
Samuel Peckard328
Abner Purkins330
Daniel Purkins326
Daniel Purkins331
Edmund Purkins329
Enoch Purkins326
John Purkins326
Ebenezer Robbinson, Jr.326
James Robbinson326
James Robbinson - name suffix, possibly letter V or N or "Jr." or ?332
Robert Robbinson326
David Rollins325
John Rowland or Bowland332
Oaks Runlet329
William Shelden330
Aaron Sherman329
Daniel Siders331
Robert Simpson327
Robert Simpson, Jr.327
William Simpson328
Ezekiel Sterns329
Charles Steward ("colored person")327
Joseph Tarr328
Ephraim Taylor326
Joseph Teague332
John Tomlinson326
Thomas Tomlinson328
John Trask330
William Tukey327
John Turnbull331
Gideon Turner327
Daniel Waters325
William Waters328
Ebenezer Webb326
Joshua Webb330
Luther Webb330
Nathaniel Webber325
Daniel Whitehouse326
Richard Wilkins332
Margaret Wilton328
Christopher Woodberry329
Benjamin Woodbridge327
Henry Woodbridge327
Hodge Woodbridge327
Salley Woodbridge327
Thomas Woodbridge327
Thomas Woodbridge, Jr.327
Stephen Young325

Newcastle, Maine, in 2020

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