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c1870s Reward of Merit to Walter S. Blandin from his Sister, Teacher Lizett Blandin - Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Reward of Merit given to Walter S. Blandin by his sister, teacher Lizett Blandin.  Walter and Lizett were the children of Charles Kinsman Blandin and Roseanna (Qimby) Blandin of Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

According to the Greenwood genealogies, 1154-1914 : the ancestry and descendants of Thomas Greenwood of Newton, Mass:

Teacher Lizett Maria Blandin was born October 21, 1853 and died January 6, 1882.  She had married Harley Hoit on October 12, 1877, so the Reward of Merit was given before then.  Lizett had at least one child, George Hoit, who died in the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918.  Lizett and family are buried in the Maple Street Cemetery at Bethlehem, New Hampshire.

Student Walter Sylvanus Blandin was born December 25, 1858.  He married twice:
  1. Sarah L. Smith on August 4, 1883; Sarah died January 15, 1895
  2. Mary McKenney of Bethlehem, New Hampshire, on July 16, 1896 - though the New Hampshire record gives a marriage date of August 5, 1896; perhaps the earlier date was the date of their intention.
Walter, a farmer and a teamster, had several children with his second wife, Mary (McKenney) Blandin.  I'm not sure if any children resulted from his first marriage.  Walter died February 26, 1927 at Littleton, New Hampshire.  See his death record on here.  

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