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12 Vintage Photographs of the Charbneau Family of Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco, California

Collection of 12 photographs of the Jules Louis Charbneau [variant Charbeneau] family of Michigan, Washington and California.  Above is Josephine (Jacques or Jock) Charbeneau, a Michigan nurse who volunteered during World War I.

The other four photographs are of Josephine's grandchildren, the children of her son Jules Louis Charbneau.  Jules and his daughter Isabella Josephine (Charbneau) Anderson Warren were noted appraisers, with a specialty in miniature collectibles.  See more farther below.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested!]

On February 8, 1880 at Mount Clemens, Michigan, Josephine Jacques, also known as Jock, married Louis Charbeneau, son of Louis Sackett Charbeneau and Matilda (Moore) Charbeneau.  It appears that Josephine and Louis divorced and remarried a couple times.

Their son Jules Louis Charbneau was born October 20, 1883 at Mount Clemens, Michigan.  I believe he had four siblings.  On October 20, 1904, in King County, Washington, at Sacred Heart Church, presumably in Seattle, Jules married Carolyn Ellen Standley, daughter of Joseph Edward Standley and Isabella Agnes (Rounds) Standley.

Jules and Carolyn had, I believe, two children, daughters Isabella Josephine Charbneau and Phyllis Robin Charbneau, who are pictured below.

Isabella Josephine Charbneau was born May 24, 1906 at Seattle, Washington.  One of the photographs shows her as a baby on the proverbial blanket.  Another, taken in June 1918, shows her at age 12; the identification, presumably in her own handwriting 30 years later, notes that she had been on stage for the first time and that she was a student of Mary Ann Wells.  Isabella Josephine Charbneau married Charles Clair Warren, Jr., in 1957, and she may have been married to a Mr. Anderson before that.

The reverse of her baby photograph, indicating that the photograph was taken August 24, 1907 by her father Jules Louis Charbneau at 2320 Walnut Avenue, Seattle, Washington.  The reverse of her photo as a 12-year-old has information on her first stage appearance.

Another of Isabella Josephine Charbneau:

Phyllis Robin Charbneau was born May 7, 1908 at Seattle, Washington.  Her photograph, also taken in June 1918 at age 9, indicates that she also had had her first stage appearance as a ballet student of Mary Ann Wells.  She married Keith Torrey Middleton at Manhattan, New York City in 1937; the collection includes several photographs of Phyllis' family after her marriage, including two of her son.  There's also in intriguing photograph of a racehorse named "Irish Peer", taken in British Columbia, that may have belonged to the Charbneau family or friends.

Below, a photograph showing a beautifully decorated yard at 1750 Palm Avenue, West Seattle, Washington, which may have been home of the girls' maternal grandparents, Joseph Edward and Isabella Agnes (Rounds) Standley.

As noted above, Jules Louis Charbneau and at least one of his daughters, Isabella Josephine Charbneau, became noted appraisers and collectors, particularly well known in the field of miniatures.  For more information on them:
2320 Walnut Avenue, Seattle; and 1750 Palm Avenue, West Seattle

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  1. Hi,
    I remember the Charbneaus and their collection of minatures. It had a minature electric stove that worked. One day Mr. Charbneau showed me a tiny organ pipe. He had visited Radio City Music hall in NYC. The manager gave him the tiniest pipe of the biggest organ.
    When Mr. Charbneau died, his wife sold the collection.
    They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, south of San Francisco.
    Daddy Standley was my great grandfather.
    John Standley Scott