Monday, July 27, 2015

1846 Invoice, Eddington, Maine: Names of Samuel Davis and J. Muzzy

1846 invoice dated June 15, 1846 at Eddington, Maine.  The handwritten document contains two names, that of Samuel Davice, who was presumably Samuel Davis, and J. Muzzy.

There were several men named Samuel Davis living in the area of Eddington, Maine, and abutting Clifton, Maine, during this time frame.  See another post that features a promise to pay document, also dated in 1846 and at Eddington, Maine, between Samuel Davis and Bartholomew Davis Penney.  Whether this is the same Samuel Davis or one of the others, I don't know.

There were also several possibilities for a J. Muzzy, including Jacob Muzzy and Joel Muzzy.  The latter, however, was a cabinetmaker and carriage maker, so this bill for a pair of ox wagon wheels makes Joel Muzzy look very plausible as the maker of the invoice.

If you have information on either Samuel Davis or a J. Muzzy from the Eddington, Maine, area, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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