Sunday, July 26, 2015

1846 Promise to Pay, Eddington, Maine: Samuel Davis to Bartholomew Penney

November 29, 1846 document from Eddington, Maine, where Samuel Davis promised to pay Bartholomew Penney $49 and interest by December 1, 1847.

Note: See another post that features an invoice dated 1846 also at Eddington, Maine, for a pair of ox wagon wheels that J. Muzzy made for Samuel Davis.

There was more than one Samuel Davis living in the Eddington, Maine, and Clifton, Maine area at that time.

Bartholomew Davis Penney was born about 1820, the son of Joseph and Sarah Jane (Davis) Penney. Bartholomew apparently also went by the name Davis B. Penney, as he was recorded by that name on a Civil War Draft Registration list.

I don't believe Bartholomew married.  He died July 5, 1864 and is buried in the Pine Tree Cemetery at Eddington, Maine, together with his parents and other relatives.

I wonder if Samuel Davis was related to Bartholomew's mother's Sarah Jane (Davis) Penney.  If you have corrections and/or additions on Bartholomew Davis Penney, or a theory as to which Samuel Davis wrote the document, please leave a comment  or contact me directly.

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