Friday, July 10, 2015

3 Vintage Photographs of Fred Scholl; One with his Band at Rangeley, Maine

November 2015:  New information suggests that Fred Herbert Scholl was born July 23, 1887 in New York and died at Winchester, Massachusetts, in 1949.  On his 1917 World War I Draft Registration, he noted that he, his wife Emily and son Fred Junior, lived at 26 Clark St. in Winchester, Massachusetts.  Fred, Sr., worked at the Calumet Club. In other years, the family lived at 51 Vine St.  Fred, Jr., was born in 1917 and resided in Winchester until his death in 2001.   Presumably Scholl Restaurant in Winchester was operated by Fred, Sr., and/or one or both of his sons, Fred, Jr. and Robert.  

3 vintage photographs of Fred Scholl and others, including members of his band.  The photograph above shows Fred and his band at Rangeley, Maine; below, the reverse of the photograph.

Another photograph shows Fred, dressed for motoring, and, presumably, his wife, with their automobile; the reverse has handwriting: "Fred Scholls Toot", though I'm not sure of the word "Toot".  Notice in the photograph beneath this one that the word appears to be "Too".

The last photograph appears to show people picking berries or looking for something.  I posted the photograph in a genealogy group asking for captions and, as you can imagine, got some rib tickling answers.
Perhaps what looks like "Toot" in the photograph above is "Too", as the reverse of the photograph below seems to show.

If you have additional information on Fred Scholl, please leave a comment.

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