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c1900-1920 Photograph Album of Mary Casey; Some Photos of Amesbury, Massachusetts Scenes

Circa 1900-1920s photograph album, approximately 10-1/4" x 7", that belonged to a Mary Casey.  Some of the photographs containing scenery have been identified as from the Amesbury, Massachusetts, area, including the powder house, a church and the chain bridge.

Mary's middle initial might be a G or an L or other letter.  Casey could have been her maiden name or married name.

There are several photographs of the powder house and one of a young lady sitting "on Powder House", as if to say on Powder House Hill.

A postcard of the powder house at Amesbury, Massachusetts:

The photograph of the church in the album, and a photograph of St. Joseph Catholic Church at Amesbury, Massachusetts:

A bridge in the background in two of the photographs in the album and a postcard showing the chain bridge at Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Establishing that some of the photographs in the album were taken at Amesbury, Massachusetts, does not necessarily mean that Mary Casey lived there, but I tend to think that she lived where Amesbury was at least within day trip distance.

Other clues in the album are the names:
  • Eva Mary, a child
  •  Dorothy, photos as a child and as a young woman, unless a different Dorothy
  • Peggy, a child
  •  Mr. Good
  • Ruth and Shep; sadly only their names remain, so I don't know if they were adults or children
  • Till, young woman
  • Irene, young  woman
  • "George" - a young woman
Additionally, there's a photograph, shown below, entitled Ray and I, which features a woman whose photograph appears multiple times, such that I wonder if she might be Mary Casey.  Ray might have been her husband or brother.

 There are several photographs of a bungalow that might have been Mary's home or vacation camp.

If you recognize any of the scenes and/or can tie in all of the names together to identify Mary and her family, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

See the entire album below; sorry the music cuts out early.

Amesbury, Massachusetts

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  1. This is a tough one. There is a Mary G Casey in the area, but we think she is too old to be the person in the picture labeled "Ray & I". I wonder if Mary G was the original owner and the young lady with Ray was her daughter, or someone else of the next generation.

    If so, then maybe I'm on the right track, because this Mary G Casey had a son Raymond born 1914. But that is the only given name from the album that I could find in Mary G's families.

    I'll post it just in case, maybe it is the right family and they will recognize the names.

    Nothing on the backs of the photos?

    Marriages registered in Haverhill, 1903
    September 14, 1903

    Mary G Casey, 27, resident of Haverhill, daughter of Daniel Casey and Annie Coady
    Fred H Parker, 27, resident of Merrimac, son of Benjamin Parker and Margaret McMers
    first marriage for both

    "Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841-1915," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 Nov 2014), Fred H. Parker and Mary G. Casey, 14 Sep 1903; citing p 431, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, State Archives, Boston; FHL microfilm 2057587.

    Marriages registered in Haverhill, 1908
    September 15, 1908
    Collin Campbell, 40, resident of Haverill, a barber, born in Glasgow, Scotland, son of Collin Campbell and Margaret McMunn
    Mae G (Casey) Parker, 31, resident of Haverill, a domestic, born in Haverhill, daughter of Daniel Casey and Annie J Coady

    2nd marriage for both. both widowed

    "Massachusetts, Marriages, 1841-1915," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 22 Nov 2014), Daniel Casey in entry for Collin Campbell and Mae G Casey Parker, 15 Sep 1908; citing p 422 no 279, Boston, , Massachusetts, State Archives, Boston; FHL microfilm 2315507.

    Mary G. Casey with her parents, 1880:
    1880; Census Place: Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts; Roll: 529; Family History Film: 1254529; Page: 189D; Enumeration District: 187

    Daniel Casey 40
    Annie C. Casey 33
    Mary G. Casey 6
    Jennie F. Casey 4
    John P. Casey 2
    Joseph T. Casey 7m


    with her father and siblings, 1900:
    1900; Census Place: Haverhill Ward 6, Essex, Massachusetts; Roll: 642; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 0311

    Daniel Casey 62
    Mary G Casey 26
    Jenny F Casey 25
    John I Casey 22
    Joseph T Casey 20
    Agnes J Casey 14
    Theresa V Casey 10
    Thomas F Casey 16


    her and Colin Campbell and children, including Raymond, in Quincy, MA in 1930.

    1930; Census Place: Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts; Roll: 936; Page: 18A; Enumeration District: 0095

    Colin Campbell 64, occupation: barber, born in Canada, father in Scotland, mother in Ireland
    Mary Campbell 56, Massachusetts, parents in Ireland
    Gertrud Campbell 20
    Anna Campbell 19
    Herbert Campbell 16
    Raymond Campbell 14
    Esther Campbell 12


  2. Thanks for the information on a Mary Casey family. I haven't tried ungluing any of the photos - figured that there might be nothing on back where she had written some information on the black page itself, but there could be. I was hoping that someone related to the family would weigh in. As for the Amesbury, Massachusetts info, I got that from crowdsourcing - didn't take long!