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1889-1893 Autograph Album of Susan Birdie Crice of Ballard County, Kentucky

1889-1893 autograph album that belonged to Susan Birdie Crice, "Birdie", of Ballard County, Kentucky.  She bought the album on November 7, 1889, as you can see from the image below.

The album measures approximately 7" x 4-1/2" and contains the sentiments of 42 of Birdie's relatives and friends.  An alphabetical surname list and an alphabetical list of the signers, together with any personal information they offered, appear at the end of this post.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Susan Birdie Crice was born March 1, 1873 in Ballard County, Kentucky, the daughter of Frederick W. Crice and Mary Sue (Swearingen) Crice, who were born in Ballard County, Kentucky, and Shelby County, Kentucky, respectively.

Birdie's father inscribed a page in her album on December 6, 1889.

Two of Nellie's brothers and a sister inscribed pages in her album.  The J. H. C. who inscribed a page in December 6, 1889 was presumably Birdie's brother John Harmon Crice.

Birdie's brother Willie E. Crice inscribed a page on November 17, 1889 to his "Darling Sister".

Birdie's sister Nellie A. Crice inscribed a page on November 13, 1889.

Several cousins inscribed pages: Maggie; J. E. B.; Willie Gatewood; Eliza Gatewood; Bettie G.; H. W. M. [not sure of surname initial - could be W]; Alice Terry.  There may have been more who didn't express a relationship in the sentiment they left.

On October 6, 1897, Birdie married Oregon native Samuel A. Oliver and settled at Pendleton, Oregon with him.  They had two children, son Samuel A. Oliver and daughter Nellie Oliver.  Samuel, Sr., died in 1926.  Subsequently, Birdie married Charles F. Schwald.  She died in 1947 and is buried at the Olney Cemetery at Pendleton, Oregon, with her first husband Samuel.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or information on any of the signers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Surname list

? [6]HR
AHerring [2]Rollings
BLillyS ?
B ? [2]MShelby
BillingtonM ? [3]Stovall
Boyd [[2]MadoleT
CPTerry [2]
Crice [5]P ?W
GParkW ?
G ?, possibly GatewoodPeyton
Gatewood [2 or 3]Powell [6]

Signers in the album        [Note: Given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]

  • Cousin Maggie, signed on July 4, 1891
  • H. G., or H C., of Paducah, Kentucky, signed on August 31, 1890
  • J. W. M. or I. W. M. or ??, signed May 16, 1893
  • Amanda; I believe someone at least a generation older than Birdie, if not older, judging from the sentiment
  • H. J. or H. I.
  • Lena
  • Alice M. Abernathy, signed on March 16, 1890
  • Cousin J. E. B., signed on March 3, 1890
  • Lena B., signed on July 2, 1891
  • Emma Billington, signed on January 22, 1892
  • Maggie Boyd, signed on November 12, 1889
  • Lottie Boyd
  • Birdie Crice, album owner; purchased the album on November 7, 1889.  She was Susan Birdie Crice
  • J. H. C., signed on December 1, 1889.  This may have been Birdie's older brother John Harmon Crice
  • Your Father, signed on December 6, 1889.  He was Frederick W. Crice
  • Nellie Crice, "Your true Sister", signed on November 13, 1889.  She was Birdie's older sister Nellie A. Crice
  • Willie E. Crice, inscribed on November 17 1889 to his "Darling Sister".  Birdie's younger brother William E. Crice.
  • Cousin Willie J. Gatewood, signed on February 16, 1890
  • Cousin Eliza Gatewood, signed on February 16, 1890
  • Cousin Bettie G.; shared the page with Anna Rollings or Bollings or ?
  • Ida Herring, signed on November 20, 1889
  • Ella Herring
  • Lizzie Lilly of Corydon, Kentucky, signed on April 30, 1890
  • Cousin H. W. M., signed in January 1891; surname initial could be W
  • C. E. M.
  • J. S. M., signed on September 13 [no year written], at Oscar, Kentucky
  • M. F. Madole, signed on December 15, 1889
  • E. P.
  • Rob E. Park, either from Cairo, Illinois, or signed there, on November 12, 1893
  • Fannie Peyton, signed on November 12, 1889
  • E. Powell, signed on May 10, 1890
  • Sallie Powell, signed on November 25, 1889
  • Beulah Powell, age 10 years, of Bandana, Kentucky, signed on April 30, 1890
  • Eulah M. Powell, signed on April 30, 1890
  • T. P. Powell, signed on May 10, 1890
  • Rue Powell
  • Anna Rollings, or Anna Bollings, or ?; shared the page with Birdie's cousin Bettie G.
  • S. W. S.
  • Fannie Shelby, signed on May 11, 1890
  • John Stovall, signed on October 30, 1890; not sure of surname
  • Hattie B. Terry of Bardwell, Kentucky
  • Cousin Alice Terry, signed on December 13, 1890
  • E. C. W., signed on May 25, 1890



    Lower right hand corner...reports death of Miss Nellie Crice of Bandana (Ballard County)

  2. Is this available for sale? Crices of Ballard County families interested.

    1. Yes, it's available; refer to "Inquiries" on the right margin near the top. There's an email address that you can easily decode. Thanks for the reference to the newspaper article!