Sunday, May 29, 2011

1915 Boynton High School Commencement Issue - Eastport, Maine

Mold-damaged copy of the Boynton High School Commencement Issue of 1915, Eastport, Maine.  Images of all pages, including the advertising pages, and a satellite map of Eastport, Maine on Moose Island in Passamaquoddy Bay are below.

List of Teachers: Moholland, Patten, Mitchell and Grindle

Lewis Gerald Atwood
Frances Atwood
Samuel Arthur Baker
Alice Kathryn Bishop
Agnes Mabelle Butterfield
Laura Josephine Carlan
Muriel Bernica Cleland
Helen Jane Cleland
Victoria Marguerite DeCorey
Stafford John Dore
Charles Burrows Emery
Etta M. Farris
Elsie Lucille Fitzgerald
Harriet M. Flaherty
Fletcher Garnett
Howard Bruce Gregory
Francis Whitney Harrington
Frances Lorena Malloch
Geneva A. Trafton
Ronald B. Wadsworth
William M. Ward
Oscar Livermore Whalen

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