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1910 Graduation Program of Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth, Maine

Graduation Exercises program of the Class of 1910 at Yarmouth High School, Yarmouth, Maine.  The Class of 1910 had fifteen graduates; individual short family histories of each are at the end of this post.

The Graduation Exercises of the Class of 1910 of Yarmouth High School, June 17, at the First Parish Churcy, at 2 O'clock.  
Class Colors: Silver Gray and Harvard Crimson
Class Motto:  Work Plus Determination Equals Success

Prayer - Rev. A. H. Stanton
Salutatory: - Henry Hutchins Baker
High Cost of Living: - Eliza Curtis Pullen
The Passion Play: - Goldie Rachel Beeman
The First Thanksgiving: - Claude Azel Kingsley
* Class History: - Edna Elizabeth Dunning
The New Life on the Farm: - Mabel LaVaughn Allen
Secret Societies: - Edgar Francis Corliss, Jr. [the program states Fracis, but this was printing error]
The George Junior Republic: - Bertha Mae Brooks
Class Oration: - Harold Roy Moxcey

* Excused

The Value of an Education: - Rufus Leroy McQuillan
The Reclamation of the Arid Lands of the West: - George Howard Dunning
Arbitration of War: - Chesley Chapman Barbour
Prophecy: - Henry Greenleaf Rogers
Presentation of Gifts: - Rose Josephine Starling
Valedictory: - Elizabeth Margaret Kenney
Conferring of Diplomas: - Mr. W. H. Rowe
Benediction: - Rev. R. R. Morson

Mabel LaVaughn Allen
Henry Hutchins Baker
Chesley Chapman Barbour
Goldie Rachel Beeman
Bertha Mae Brooks
Edgar Francis Corliss, Jr.
Edna Elizabeth Dunning
George Howard Dunning
Elizabeth Margaret Kenney
Claude Azel Kingsley
Rufus Leroy McQuillan
Harold Roy Moxcey
Eliza Curtis Pullen
Henry Greenleaf Rogers
Rose Josephine Starling

Brief Biographies of the Graduates - click on their names for more information.  If you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

Mabel LaVaughn Allen was born 26 October 1891 in Maine, the daughter of Charles P. and Etta (Maxfield) Allen.  Sadly, Mabel died of appendicitis on 6 November 1916.  She had been working as a teacher of domestic science, according to her death record.

Henry Hutchins Baker was born 7 July 1893 at Yarmouth, Maine, the son of Albert Elden Baker and Lenora (Hutchins) Baker.  On 19 April, 1922 at Fitchburg, Massachusetts, Henry married Ruth Marion Hannigan, who was born in Fitchburg on 8 April 1897.  Her parents were Timothy James Hannigan and Margaret Elizabeth (Hurley) Hannigan.  The couple lived in New Jersey and Massachusetts; I believe they raised four children.  Henry worked as an accountant.  He died in 1948, and Ruth died in 1979.

Chesley Chapman Barbour was born 13 April 1893 at Yarmouth, Maine, the son of Albert G. and Hattie Ring (Lovell) Barbour.  About 1924 Chesley married Irene Inez Overell, who was born 17 Aug 1891 in Ontario, Canada, the daughter of Arthur Edward and Amelie (Kennedy) Overell, born in Quebec and Louisiana respectively.  Her paternal grandparents were Edward and Charlotte Anne Eliza (Skinner) Overell, both born in England.  Her maternal grandparents were Lt. Col. John B. G. Kennedy and wife Adeline (Cuevas) Kennedy, born in New Orleans and Mississippi respectively.  I found at least one child for Chesley and Inez, a daughter, born about 1928.  The information about Inez and her family came from the description of an auction lot of Amelie Overell's diaries and other manuscript items.  Chesley worked as an accountant.  Irene Inez (Overell) Barbour died in 1970; her widower, Chesley Chapman Barbour, died in 1986.

Goldie Rachel Beeman was born in June of 1890 in Maine, the daughter of Edwin D. and Alice Gilman (Douglass) Beeman.  I think Alice's mother's first name was May, but that is all the information I've been able to determine.  In the 1900 Census of Yarmouth, Maine, Goldie and her sister Pearl and brother Earl(e) were living with their father, who stated that he was married, but his wife was not listed in the household; perhaps she was being treated for illness somewhere.  By the 1910 Census of Yarmouth, Goldie and her brother Earl were living with an aunt.  Sadly, Goldie died of pulmonary tuberculosis on 7 September 1917 at Yarmouth, Maine.

Bertha Mae Brooks was born 25 March 1892 at Yarmouth, Maine, the daughter of Peter Cook Brooks and Sarah Birdetta (McNeill) Brooks, both of Nova Scotia, Canada.  On 30 September 1916 at Yarmouth, Maine, Bertha married Eugene Osborne Russell, who was born 9 September 1880 at Norway, Maine, the son of Elmer Charles Russell and Caroline E. (Crooker) Russell.  Bertha and Eugene lived at Yarmouth, Maine, raised at least one child, and operated a grocery store.

Edgar Francis Corliss, Jr.was born 14 September 1891 at Charleston, Maine, the son of Edgar Francis Corliss, Sr. and Jane "Jennie" Melissa (Libby) Corliss.  Some time around 1913, Edgar married Hallie May Snow who was born about 1885 in Maine, the daughter of Charles Albert Snow and Ada M. (Stover) Snow of Blue Hill, Maine.  By the time of the 1930 Census, Edgar and Hallie, their daughter and Hallie's father Charles A. Snow were living at Bridgton, Maine, where Edgar practiced law.  Hallie died in 1966; Edgar died in 1973.

Edna Elizabeth Dunning was born about 1892 in Maine, the daughter of John Jefferson Dunning and Adeline Jordan (Given) Dunning.  On 10 October 1921, Edna Elizabeth Dunning married Charles Everett Brown, who was born in October of 1886 at Rockport, Massachusetts, the son of George and Carrie (Bray) Brown.  The couple were living at Freeport, Maine, at the time of enumeration of the 1930 Census.  There were no children listed with them, but there was a boarder, Herbert Ward, age 73.  Charles died in 1964; Edna died in 1975.

George Howard Dunning was born 10 July 1892 at Yarmouth, Maine, the son of Edward H. and Margaret Ann (O'Brien) Dunning.  On 6 September 1921 at Quebec, George married Anna Bailey True Stockwell, who was born 30 January 1892 in Canada, the daughter of William Henry Stockwell and Mary Louise (Goodhue) Stockwell.  George and Anna were living in Springfield, Massachusetts with two children, at the time of the 1930 Census.  George was working as a traveling salesman for a paint distributor.  George and Anna both died in 1979 at York, Maine.

Elizabeth Margaret Kenney, Class Valedictorian, was born in April of 1892 in Maine, the daughter of John William Kenney and Catherine Theresa (Claire) Kenney, born in Yarmouth, Maine, and Ireland respectively.  I lost track of Elizabeth after the 1920 Census of Yarmouth, at which time she was living with her parents.  I found possible further records but wasn't able to verify they pinpointed her alone.

Claude Azel Kingsley was born 18 November 1889 at Yarmouth, Maine, the son of Azel H. and Isabel (Frost) Kingsley.  On 15 October 1923, Claude Azel Kingsley married Alta Agnes Crosby, who was born about 1892 at Brazil Lake, Nova Scotia, the daughter of Isaiah and Mary (Doane) Crosby.  At the time of the 1930 Census, Claude and Alta were living at Yarmouth, Maine; there were no children listed with them.  Claude was working as a candy wholesaler.  Both died at Yarmouth, Maine, Claude in 1974 and Alta in 1981.

Rufus Leroy McQuillan was born 2 September 1891 at Yarmouth, Maine, the son of Rufus H. McQuillan and Alma B. (Sawyer) McQuillan.  Rufus Leroy McQuillan married Minnie, who was born in Czechoslovakia on 2 June 1900.  The 1930 Census of Kenmore, New York, shows that Rufus was working as a wholesale drug salesman and that the couple had two sons.   Rufus died in 1968 at Lexington, Massachusetts; Minnie died in 1986 at Medfield, Massachusetts.

Harold Roy Moxcey was born 29 March 1892 at Cumberland, Maine, the son of Clarence E. and Blanche H. (Gerow) Moxcey.  On 9 April 1913 at Danville, Quebec, Harold Roy Moxcey married Nellie Goodhue Stockwell, who was born about 8 September 1894 at Danville, Quebec, the daughter of William Henry Stockwell and Mary Louisa (Goodhue) Stockwell.  Harold Roy Moxcey and wife Nellie Goodhue (Stockwell) lived at Yarmouth, Maine, where Harold was a barber.  I believe the couple had two sons and a daughter.  I think that Harold Roy Moxcey married Theo Dora Minott in 1937, but I can't be sure that the groom wasn't the son who was named after him.  Dora would have been twenty years older than the son, so it's likely that Harold and Nellie had divorced by 1937.  I found a death record for Nellie showing that she lived until 1981.  Harold died in 1971.

Eliza Curtis Pullen was born in 4 April of 1892 in North Yarmouth, Maine, the daughter of Warren Winfield Pullen and Josephine Ruth (Curtis) Pullen.  In the 1920 Census, she was living at Rockport, Massachusetts and working as a teacher in the public schools.  As yet I haven't found her in the 1930 Census.  It's possible she is the home economics teacher mentioned in a Red Bank, New Jersey, newspaper of 1941.  She died at Palm Beach Florida in 1979.

Henry Greenleaf Rogers was born 6 April 1891 at Yarmouth, Maine, the son of James Dunning Rogers and Mary Louise (Greenleaf) Rogers, each of Cumberland County, Maine.  On 10 December 1916 in Cumberland County, Maine, Henry Greenleaf Rogers married Grace Frances Leighton.  She was born 10 November 1892 at North Yarmouth, Maine, the daughter of Gardiner Leighton, Jr. and Annie (Lowe) Leighton of North Yarmouth, Maine.  In the 1930 Census, Henry and Grace were living at Yarmouth, Maine, where Henry was working in retail [I can't quite make out what kind of retail]; there were no children listed with the couple.  He may have been the Henry G. Rogers who served in the Maine State House of Representatives in 1931 and 1932.

Rose Josephine Starling was born 31 October 1892 at Falmouth, Maine, the daughter of Josiah B. Starling and Sarah L. (Winslow) Starling, born on Monhegan Island and in Yarmouth, Maine, respectively.   In the 1920 Census of Falmouth, Maine, Rose Josephine Starling was living at home and working as a stenographer.  In the 1930 Census, she was living in Yarmouth, Maine, with no occupation listed.  Living with her was boarder Madeline Sheridan.  Rose died in June of 1964 in Brunswick, Maine.


  1. My cousin Eirtyl Frances Jones b 1916 in Wales moved to Asbestos Quebec in 1924.In a 1940 US census an Eiryl F Moxcey with 3 year old Patricia Moxcey is living with Arthur H Wakefield and his 2 year old daughter Patricia Wakefield in Portland Maine. In 1943 Arthur H Wakefield married an Eiryl F Jones/Moxcey.
    Would it be to much of a coincidence to link Harold Roy Moxcey to Eiryl Frances Jones as Danville is very close to Asbestos in Quebec and then they both lived close in Maine. Also in your storey on Harold Roy Moxcey above you think he may have divorced in 1937 which could have some link to Patricia Moxcey born in Oneida New York around 1937.
    On Eiryl Frances Wakefield's obit it lists 4 children, Patty, Patsy Janice and James so that would make sense of the names. I have not been able to trace any of the 3 girls and James died in 2007.
    I have not been able to track any border crossings for any of these people.
    Eiryl's mother used to keep in contact with my grandmother until the 1980's, we found it strange in reading some of the old letters that she never metioned her daughter Eiryl but always mentioned her son Idris Wynn Jones died 2007.
    Can this storey be researched further? It is very difficult for me because I live so far away in New Zealand.
    Peter Jones

  2. Thanks for your comment, Peter. Just found a marriage record between Harold Roy Moxcey JR and Eiryl F. Jones in the Drouin records - at Montreal in 1934. So the Harold Roy Moxcey mentioned in my post, and his wife Nellie (Stockwell) Moxcey, were the IN-LAWS of your Eiryl Frances Jones.