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1899 Annual Session, Lincoln County Educational Association, Maine

Lincoln County Educational Association

Annual Session
at Methodist Church, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Monday and Tuesday, October 9 and 10, 1899
President, G. H. Larrabee, Newcastle

Vice-Presidents - H. H. Chamberlain, Round Pond; George E. Linscott, Jefferson; W. B. Creamer, Waldoboro; W. F. Merrill, Wiscasset

Secretary, A. W. Glidden, Newcastle

Executive Committee - President and Secretary, ex-officio: Mrs. J. E. Nichols, Round Pond; Miss Louise Bliss, Waldoboro; Miss Addie Ames, Jefferson; Miss Gertrude Seavey, Boothbay; Miss Jessie Jackson, Wiscasset; Mr. G. W. Singer, Damariscotta; Miss Elmira Mulligan, Nobleboro


Monday Forenoon - 11 o'clock
Devotional Exercises, Rev. Mr. Wood

Words of Welcome, Rev. Daniel McCormick, Boothbay Harbor

Response, By the President

Patriotism and Citizenship, C. E. Kendrick, Boothbay Harbor

Afternoon - 1:30 o'clock
Questions for the Query Box deposited
Reading for Teachers, A. J. Tuttle, Boothbay Harbor

Discussion, Opened by Prin. W. J. Corthell, Gorham

Local History, Charles S. Sewell, Wiscasset

Discussion, Opened by State Supt. W. W. Stetson

General Exercises - a) In the Grammar School, Julia E. Barker, Damariscotta b) In the High School, G. W. Singer, Damariscotta

Discussion, Opened by Mrs. J. E. Nichols, Round Pond

Opening of Query Box

Evening - 7:30 o'clock

Address, Hon. W. J. Corthell, Gorham

Reading, Miss Margaret White, Boothbay Harbor


Address, Hon. W. W. Stetson, State Superintendent

Tuesday Forenoon - 9 o'clock

Botany, George E. Linscott, Jefferson

Discussion, Opened by Miss Abbie Storer, Waldoboro

Outside Work, Miss Myra Dodge, Newcastle

Discussion, Opened by Royal Giles, Boothbay

How Shall the Efficiency of the Schools be Increased? 

Discussion, Opened by Col. Oren B. McFadden, Dresden
           Followed by all Superintendents of the County



Teachers and school officers desiring free entertainment will send their names to Mr. A. J. Tuttle, Boothbay Harbor, as soon as possible.  Those who desire can obtain board at the Boothbay House for $1.50, and at the Weymouth House for $1.25 per day.
Teachers are requested to bring school work.

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