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1882-1883 Catalog of Mattanawcook Academy, Lincoln, Maine

1882-1883 Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Mattanawcook Academy, Lincoln, Maine.

Mattanawcook Academy, which was founded as Lincoln High School in 1847, is still in existence today.   

Harrison Piper, Esq., President
Oliver H. Chesley, Secretary
Timothy Heald, Esq., Treasurer
Meader B. Pinkham, Esq.
Charles Fuller, M.D.
John F. Robinson, Esq.
Moses S. Wilson, M.D.
William C. Clark, Esq.
J. C. Parsons, Esq. 
J. M. Jewell, Esq.
Edward T. Fuller
Charles F. Plumly

Prudential Committee
O. H. Chesley, Esq.
T. Heald, Esq.
M. B. Pinkham, Esq.
Thomas M. Plaisted, Esq.
F. E. Nute, Esq.

Board of Instruction
A. E. Whitten, A. B., Principal
Latin, Greek and Natural Sciences
Miss Cora A. Pinkham, Preceptress
Teacher of English
Mrs. E. P. H. Estes
Teacher of French
Mrs. W. C. Clark
Teacher of Drawing and Painting
Miss Mabel T. Piper
Teacher of Music
Miss Villa M. Clifford
Assistant English
Miss Inez E. Wyman
Assistant English

Names, Addresses
Fred E. Banks, Lincoln
Carey E. Beatham, Houlton
Charles H. Bradbury, Burlington
Fred E. Bragdon, Conway, New Hampshire
Benjamin H. Chesley, Lincoln
Walter C. Clark, Lincoln
Hugo Clark, Lincoln
Charles Clifford, South Lincoln
Bert E. Dennis, Winn
Frank Fiske, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
Melvin Hunt, Lincoln
Bernard H. Jacobson, Lincoln
Adolphus L. Jacobson, Lincoln
Edson O. Keef, Lincoln
Leslie Keef, Lincoln
Samuel H. Kneeland, South Lincoln
Willie G. Kneeland, Lincoln
Frank Libby, Lincoln
Ernest E. Littlefield, Lincoln
Arthur G. Lord, Burlington
Willie H. Lovett, Chester
Ancil C. Millett, Lincoln
Prince A. Millett, Lincoln
Thomas K. Millett, Lincoln
Seymore F. Miller, Burlington
Ellis J. S. Miller, Lincoln
Eddie F. McKeever, Lincoln
Henry Mishoe, Lincoln
Warren Noyes, Lincoln
Willis F. Nute, Lincoln
Leslie F. Pinkham, Lincoln
Henry S. Pinkham, Lincoln

Freeman Ripley, South Lincoln
Willie Ramsdell, Lincoln
Frank A. Stetson, Hodgdon
George Stevens, Lincoln
Dewitt C Warren, Lincoln
Washington E. Weatherbee, Lincoln
Edward A. Weatherbee, Lincoln
Artie W. Weatherbee, Lincoln
Harry E Webber, Lincoln Center
Benjamin Whittier, Enfield
Charles D. Whittier, Enfield
Bert E. Whitten, Lincoln
Edwin A. Yelland, South Lincoln

Names, Addresses
Lena I. Albrecht, Lincoln
Alice F. Baily, Lincoln
Hattie E. Buck, Lincoln
Villa M. Clifford, South Lincoln
Georgia A. Clay, South Lincoln
Nettie Coburn, Sherman
Lottie Coburn, South Moluncus
Lizzie D. Crane, Lincoln
Ida M. Darling, Lincoln
Ruth M. Delano, South Lincoln
Eva E. Edwards, South Lincoln
Grace E. Emerson Lincoln
Florence Emerson, Lincoln
Stella Gates, Winn
Ora Gates, Winn
May A. Hammond, South Lincoln
Mary A. Hammatt, Lincoln
Georgia M. Hale, Lincoln

Sadie A. Hersey, Lincoln
Laura A. Hurd, Lincoln
Gemma Heald, Lincoln Center
Laura S. Jipson, Lincoln
Bena M. Jordan, Lincoln
Georgia A. Jordan, Lincoln
Sadie A. Jordan, Sandy Point
Minnie M. Kile, Chester
Rose A. Kimball, Woodville
Mabel N. Libby, Chester
Angie M. Lindsay, Lincoln
Jessie McLaughlin, Lincoln
Alma Messer, Lincoln
Leah O. Miller, Burlington
Iva M. Millett, Lincoln
Laura A. Moore, Presque Isle
Ava A. Nute, Lincoln
Addie B. Nute, Lincoln
Agnes E. Page, Burlington
Laura A. Pickering, Lincoln
Lulu M. Pickering, Lincoln
Eliza S. Pickering, Lincoln
Etta E. Pinkham, Lincoln
Augusta E. Pinkham, Lincoln
Ella M. Pinkham, Lincoln
Flora A. Pinkham, Lincoln
Bertha A. Pinkham, Lincoln
Helen S. Plumly, Lincoln
Almeda H. Pond, Woodville
Edna M. Sawyer, Lincoln
Lena M. Thompson, Burlington
Katie E. Warren, Lincoln
Myra E. Weatherbee, Lincoln
Inez E. Wyman, Winn
Alma Wyman, Winn
Hattie Wyman, Winn


Walter C. Clark
Dewitt C. Warren

Eva E. Edwards
Edna M. Sawyer

Lizzie D. Crane
Grace E. Emerson
Iva M. Millett
Flora A. Pinkham
Helen S. Plumly


Villa M. Clifford
Inez E. Wyman


C. H. Bradbury
B. H. Chesley
Charles Clifford
E. O. Keef
W. H. Lovett
A. C. Millett
S. F. Miller
E. J. S. Miller
E. A. Weatherbee
W. E. Weatherbee
H. E. Webber
Benjamin Whittier
E. A. Yelland

Lena I. Albrecht
Hattie E. Buck
Nettie Coburn
Stella Gates
Ora B. Gates
May A. Hammond
Sadie A. Hersey
Laura A. Hurd
Bena M. Jordan
Georgia A. Jordan
Sadie A. Jordan
Minnie M. Kile
Rose A. Kimball
Mabel N. Libby
Leah O. Miller
Laura A. Moore
Agnes E. Page
Laura A. Pickering
Lulu M. Pickering
Etta E. Pinkham
Augusta E. Pinkham
Almeda H. Pond
Lena M. Thompson
Alma Wyman
Hattie Wyman

Commercial Department
B. H. Jacobson
Frank Libby
E. F. McKeever
P. A. Millett
W. F. Nute
L. F. Pinkham


R. B. Cookson
Mabel T. Piper

Cora A. Pinkham

Allie Messer
Bert E. Whitten

Gemma Heald
Bertha Dean


Is located in the healthful and rapidly growing village of Lincoln, Maine, forty miles east of Bangor, on the direct line of the Maine Central Railroad.  Its immediate situation is a few rods from the center of the village, and overlooks Mattanawcook Lake on the one side and Mount Katahdin on the other.

The Depot, Postoffice, Telegraph and Express Offices are all within forty rods distance.


The school recently having undergone a thorough revision, has, in addition to the regular classical course which is designed for those desirous of fitting for college, three distinct courses: Academical, Normal and Commercial.

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