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1858 Bethel Grammar School, Ten Weekly Scholarship and Conduct Reports cards for Charles Jarvis Chapman, Bethel, Maine

Bethel, Maine: 10 scholarship and conduct reports for student Charles Chapman from teacher S. H. Stevens at Bethel Grammar School during the Summer Session of 1858.  

9 of them are signed by one of Charles' parents.  Indications are that Charles was an excellent student.

From online research, hopefully correct - corrections requested:

Charles Jarvis Chapman (1848-1898), who would become Mayor of Portland, Maine, was born 29 January 1848 at Bethel, Maine, the son of Robert Andrews Chapman and Frances (Carter) Chapman.  

On 15 September 1875, Charles married Annie Dow Hinds of Portland.  She was born in May of 1852, the daughter of Benjamin F. and Adrianna Viesie (Chase) Hinds.  

After his successes at Bethel Grammar School, Charles Jarvis Chapman attended Gould Academy and Gorham Academy and graduated from Bowdoin College at Brunswick, Maine, in 1868.  He went to Minnesota after college and worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad for about two years.  He then returned to Portland, Maine, and managed Norton & Chapman & Company, a grain commission house.  In 1886 he was elected mayor of Portland and was re-elected twice.  He died suddenly of Bright's Disease on 1 June 1898. 

Charles and Annie  raised their family of five children at Portland, Maine:
  • Marion Carter Chapman, b. 29 June 1876 at Portland; m. Samuel Grant Shartle of Pennsylvania
  • Robert Franklin Chapman, b. 20 or 26 April 1878 at Portland; m. Grace Ray Tomlinson
  • Charles Jarvis Chapman, Jr.; b. 6 Jan 1883 at Portland; m. Marguerite Rumery
  • Philip Freeland Chapman; b. 3 November 1884 at Portland; m. Gladys Doten
  • Harrison Carter Chapman; b. 19 September 1888; m. Virginia Woodbury
To see images of all of the reports, see the page at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network for Charles Jarvis Chapman.

As for teacher S. H. Stevens, he may have been the Simon Stevens or Samuel Stevens who lived in that era in the Bethel area, or the teacher may have been a woman. Hopefully, a reader will weigh in.

If you have corrections and/or information to share, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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