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Real Photo Postcard of Basil Shatford, Clarke Shatford & another young man, Nova Scotia, Canada

Early 1900s Real Photo Postcard showing three young men, two of them with the surname Shatford.  The third man is perhaps a Shatford, as well.  I believe the photograph was taken in Nova Scotia.


Well, Dear Sister, do you [know] who these are on the other side of this card.  The one in the middle is Clarke Shatford and the other is Basil Shatford and I think [you] can guess the other.  From Moody.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Clarke Beresford Shatford was born 20 February 1896 at Mill Cove, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, the son of Leander Laban Shatford and his wife Eleanor Matilda (Verge) Shatford.   Clarke's paternal grandparents were Daniel and Catherine Lucy (Cross) Shatford.  His maternal grandparents were William George Verge and his wife Charlotte E. (Chandler) Verge.

On 4 January 1919, Clarke Beresford Shatford married Gertrude Louise Boutilier, who was born 16 June 1895, the daughter of John Amos Boutilier and his wife Deborah Lavinia (Levy) Boutilier.  The couple lived in Nova Scotia and had at least one child, a daughter.

I believe that the Basil Shatford pictured was Clarke's cousin.  Basil Boyne Shatford was born 24 December 1890 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada, the son of Hibbert Horatio Shatford and his wife Rachel Keziah (Garrison) Shatford.  Basil's paternal grandparents were Daniel and Catherine Lucy (Cross) Shatford.  His maternal grandparents were John Henry Garrison and his wife Susannah Margaret Jollimore.

On 12 November 1917, Basil Boyne Shatford married Fannie Pearl Hubley, who was born 30 January 1895 in Bayswater, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, the daughter of Elyard Sydney Hubley and his wife Bessie Almira Jollimore.  I didn't find any children for them, but I did find an obituary in which they were mentioned as foster parents.

I'd love to know the identify of "Moody" and his sister.  Perhaps a reader will come forward to clear up the mystery.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Below is a map of the Lunenburg, Nova Scotia area:

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