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Late 1800s cabinet photo of Horace Johnson with bicycle; Johnson studio of Brownville, Maine

Late 1800s cabinet photograph of Horace Johnson with a bicycle prop; the photograph was taken by the Johnson studio of Brownville, Maine.  

From online research, hopefully correct, and assuming I have the correct Horace Johnson:

Horace Layton Johnson was born 21 December 1872 at Grand Lake, New Brunswick, Canada, the son of Reverend Robert O'Brien Johnson and his first wife Martha Ann "Annie" (Harrison) Johnson.  His paternal grandparents were Thomas and Sarah Whidden (O'Brien) Johnson.  I don't have the names of his maternal grandparents, or if Harrison was Martha Ann's maiden name.  

Horace's parents were from Nova Scotia, and they died there.  I'm wondering if Horace was born while his father was pastoring a church at Grand Lake, New Brunswick.

On 14 July 1898, Horace married Nettie Elizabeth Stickney at Brownville, Maine.  Nettie was born 24 Mar 1872 at Brownville, Maine, the daughter of Enos Wilder Stickney and his wife Elizabeth Rachel (Searles) Stickney. Her paternal grandparents were Simeon Atwood Stickney and his wife Sarah  W. Gilman.  Her maternal grandparents were James Madison Searles and his wife Almeda Rich.

I found two sons for Horace and Nettie.  They were Maynard Stickney Johnson and Stuart Miles Johnson.

This photograph was purchased with a few other photographs at a Maine antique shop.  There was another Johnson in the photographs - Harry C. Johnson, shown with a woman H. G. S., taken by a studio in Denver, Colorado.  Whether there is any connection between the two photographs, I do not know.   

You may want to read the post on Harry C. Johnson.   He was born in July of 1874 in Colorado, the son of Peter Johnson, born in Pennsylvania, and his wife Emma, born in New York.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, or if you know of a connection between Horace Johnson and Harry C. Johnson, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  

A map of Brownville, Maine:

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A map of Grand Lake, New Brunswick, Canada:

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