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1898 Photograph of H. G. Barker Family of Gardiner, Maine, vacationing at Ocean Point

1898 Photograph, with the following identification on reverse:  Family of H. G. Barker, Manufacturer & Retailer of Hats, Furs, Furnishings, Trunks & Bags.  134 Water Street, Gardiner, Maine.  Taken at Ocean Point, August 9th, 1898, Maine.  The last sentence was written in a different hand and was probably the earlier notation.

I found a Henry G. Barker born in 1868, but only one man in the photo looks as though he might be age thirty.  What do you think?  The people in the photograph are identified as his family, so perhaps they're his mother, siblings and wife Lillian, whom he married in 1893.

In case I have the right H. G. Barker, from online research, hopefully correct:

Henry G. Barker was born 8 March 1868 at Brunswick, Maine, a date I derived from a passenger list from he trip he took to Bermuda in 1923 with his daughter Alice.  I've been unsuccessful so far in determining his father.  

I didn't have much more luck determining Henry's mother and grandparents.  I found a Mary Frances Garland from Norridgewock and an M. Frances or Francoise Gale from Augusta, Maine.

In the 1900 Census, a Frances Garland, described as Henry's mother, was living with Henry and his wife Lillian at Gardiner, Maine.   Could she have given her maiden name and be related to the Garland family from Norridgewock?

Or, could  the 1880 Census point to the Gale family?  In 1880 a Henry G. Barker was living with his mother Francis (but described as a daughter, so her name was likely Frances)and grandfather John Gale at Augusta.  John Gale was born in New Hampshire about 1804.  He was working as a blacksmith, as he was in Quebec in 1833 when he married Francoise Paul (Hus) Gale.  Francoise had died before the enumeration of the 1880 Census.

Henry G. Barker married Lillian A. Turner, who was born 24 October 1871 at Augusta, Maine, the daughter of Nathan Turner and his wife Georgiana (Van Wyck) Turner.  I don't yet know the parents of her father.  I believe her maternal grandparents were Francis and Emerline (Dole) Van Wyke.

Henry and Lillian had a family of at least two daughters, Maude and Alice.

I'm assuming that the man driving the buggy is not a member of the family but a liveryman, but I can't be sure. The horse is a beauty.

Here's a map of the Augusta/Gardiner area of Maine.  Below that is a map of Ocean Point, Maine.

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