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1906 Photograph of young Edith B. Brackett; South Berwick, Maine studio

12 October 1906 photograph of young Edith B. Brackett, with her pet sheep.  The photograph was taken by George A. Wilkins, Amateur Photographer, South Berwick, Maine.   Along with the date and Edith's name on reverse is the word, I think, Gusta.

From online research, and assuming I have chosen the correct Edith B. Brackett:

Edith Beatrix Brackett was born, I think, 5 May 1901 at South Berwick, Maine, the daughter of Henry Bruce Brackett, who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota 6 November 1871, and his wife Sarah A. (Littlefield) Brackett, who was born  about 1869 at Berwick, Maine.  Edith's paternal grandparents were Alfred Bruce Brackett, born 21 May 1826 at New Market, New Hampshire, and Martha (Mary?) E. (Ferguson) Brackett.

Edith's maternal grandparents were James H. Littlefield, born 1 December 1840 or 1841 at Wells, Maine, and his wife Sylvia Ann (possibly Allen) Littlefield.

I could be offbase on this family history, especially on the Littlefield side, because that surname was plentiful in the York County area of Maine.  I found several James Littlefields who could be the father of Sarah A., but I chose the one whose age seemed to fit the Census enumerations.   If you have information otherwise, please let me know.

I lost track of Edith after the 1920 Census, when she was still living at home with her parents and brother Leslie B. Brackett.

If you have corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

If you're unfamiliar with the State of Maine, you still may have heard of South Berwick, as it was the home of author Sarah Orne Jewett and was featured in many of her works.

Map of South Berwick, Maine:

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  1. Hello Ms. Beveridge, This concerns Henry Brackett: In a letter dated February 14, 1907, from Eleanor Pray (née Lord in Berwick but living in Russia)to her Aunt Anna Guptill (in Maine, possibly in South Berwick), is the sentence "Was that not an awful thing about Mr. Henry Brackett?" Do you know what it was that had happened? I would be very glad to hear from you, Sincerely, Birgitta Ingemanson (e-mail:

  2. I don't know what the awful thing was, but Henry B. Brackett lived until 1941, so if he's the person referred to in the letter, it couldn't have been an unexpected death. But it could have been a grievous injury or financial reversal. There's definitely a story there! Maybe the local newspaper from late 1906? (assuming it would take a month or so for a letter from Russia to reach Maine. Try the Old Berwick Historical Society at The library at South Berwick may have a newspaper collection from the era. I'll keep looking in the meantime. Please let me know if you find anything. Good luck!

  3. Is this photo of Edith B. Brackett for sale? Thanks, Richard

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