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March 1775 Notice to Assemble at Meeting House in Northerly Parish of Kittery, Maine - now Eliot, Maine

March 4, 1775, Kittery, Maine - where Constable John Gowen gives Notice to Assemble to "all Freeholders and other Inhabitants in the Northerly Parrish in Kittery Qualified by Law to Vote in Parrish Affairs".

In 1810, the North Parish of Kittery was set off to become the new town of Eliot.

Transcription at the end of this post.

Those assembled will take up:
  • choice of a Parrish Clerk, Treasurer and other Officers
  • the sum of money to be raised for a Minister 
  • examination of the Treasurer's account
  • sums the assessors and committee shall have for the services in the past year
  • what sum the Treasurer shall have for his receiving paying out the Parrish's money
  • any other matters brought up
  • inset lines appear to refer to a Rev. Rogers' death
John Gowen, Constable - perhaps John Gowen (1740-1809)

Rev. Rogers - perhaps Rev. John Rogers (1692-1773)

If you have information to share on a Constable John Gowen or a Rev. Rogers, or if you have corrections/additions to the transcription below, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.


York fs/ To the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Northerly Parrish in Kittery Qualified by Law to vote in Parrish Affairs.
Pursuant to a Warrant from the Committee for Calling Parrish Meetings in said Parrish, to me Directed You are hereby Notified and Required to Assemble Together & meet at the Meeting House in Said Parrish on Tuesday, the Twenty Eighth Day of March, Instant at Two of the clock afternoon then and there to make Choice of a Parrish Clerk and Treasurer and all other Parrish Officers as the Law Directs and To receive and Examine [?] the Parrish Treasurers Account and Vote what Sum of Money Shall be raised on ye Polls & Estates in sd Parrish for the Support of the Minister and other Necessary as Charges arising in said Parrish. Also to Vote what Sum the Assessors and Committee of Said Parrish shall have for their Service the year past. [an inset about the money drawn by Rev. Rogers before his death] Also what Sum the Treasurer Shall have for his receiving and paying out the Parrish's money. The Year ___ And to receive the Account of any Person and Persons which they have against Said Parrish. And to also any Vote on Voters residing to the Premises as You Shall then and there think fit.
___March 4, 1775, John Gowen, Constable

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