Saturday, October 22, 2022

1757 Somersworth, New Hampshire Document: Thomas Wallingford, Esq.; Daniel Emery, Jr.

1757-1764 document where Daniel Emery, Jr., promises to pay Thomas Wallingford, Esq., the sum of four pounds and ten shillings. The note was satisfied in March 1764. 

The document was found with others that pertain to nearby towns in Maine, and I suspect Thomas and Daniel had family and business on both sides of the border.
Summersworth February 13 1757 - For Value recd. I promise to pay to Thomas Wallingford Esq or his order, Four Pounds Ten Shillings Old Tenor upon Demand as Witness my hand - 
Daniel Emery, Junior
This note was Satisfied by a note of hand with Interest from the 13 Day of March 1764

Somersworth, New Hampshire

Thomas Wallingford, Esq. - perhaps Thomas Wallingford, Esq. (1697-1771) 

Daniel Emery, Jr. - perhaps Daniel Emery (1697-abt 1778) or Daniel Emery (1723-1774) or another Daniel Emery, Jr., as there were multiple men named Daniel Emery in that era and area.

If you have alternate identities for Thomas Wallingford, Esq. or Daniel Emery, Jr., please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

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