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1854 letter from Judge Stephen Emery (1790-1863) in Paris, Maine, to his cousin Moses Emery (1794-1881), Esq., in Saco, Maine; Family News

1854 letter from Judge Stephen Emery (1790-1863) in Paris, Maine, to his paternal cousin Moses Emery (1794-1881), Esq. in Saco, Maine

In addition to asking Moses to look for a suspect named Bowker, suspected of  "lurking" in Saco, Stephen Emery talks about the health of his family.

Stephen Emery's wife [second wife] is feebleJennette (Loring) Emery (1800-1855)

Stephen Emery's daughter "Sarah Jane (Mrs. Hamlin")", with first wife Sarah (Stowell) Emery (1792-1822) Sarah Jane (Emery) Hamlin (1815-1855) is not well and he fears for her, especially if she follows her husband to Washington, D.C.  Sarah Jane was the first wife of Hannibal Hamlin (1809-1891), Abraham Lincoln's first Vice President. After Sarah Jane's death, Hannibal married her younger half sister Ellen Vesta Emery (1835-1925)

Stephen Emery's children Ellen and Steph, with second wife Jennette (Loring) Emery (1800-1855), are wellEllen Vesta Emery (1835-1925) and Stephen Albert Emery (1841-1891)

Stephen Emery's daughter Jennette, with second wife Jennette (Loring) Emery (1800-1855), and family are well in Eastport, Maine, where her husband is presumably pastoring.  Jennette Loring (Emery) Butler (1828-1902), wife of Rev. Nathaniel Butler (1824-1894)

Moses Emery's son Addison Emery - George Addison Emery (1839-aft 1927), lawyer, historian, author, philanthropist.

I'll leave Bowker and Charles Robbins their privacy.
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Paris, Nov. 8, 1854
Moses Emery, Esq.
My dear Friend:
I want to trouble you so much as to hand the inclosed writ to a Deputy Shf. in Saco & have Bowker arrested, if he can be found. Bowker has a sister there, married, but to whom I don't know. He has also an uncle of his wife living there, Charles Robbins by name. This is all I can say. Bowker left here some days since & is supposed to be lurking with his friends at Saco, intending to get away in a few days for Wisconsin, probably waiting there for his family. Please attend to it immediately. I do not know he is at Saco, but suspect it.

My family are about as usual, that is, a sort of half _____. Mrs. E, always feeble, is about house - Ellen & Steph are very well. I am busy in preparing for cold Winter, which I dread. My eyes are still bad & I use them as little as possible in reading or writing. Jennette & family are well (at Eastport). Sarah Jane (Mrs. Hamlin) is not well - has a bad cough & I have fears for her. She talks of going to Washington with her husband but I hope she will give it up.
We should be truly glad to see you, Mrs. Emery & Addison at Paris - give them much love from all of us & accept much yourself.
___very affectionately,
Stephen Emery

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