Thursday, October 20, 2022

1768-1769 Record of Plowing, Timbering, Hoeing, Haying, Fencing, Harvesting; Noah Emery of Southern Maine and Southeastern New Hampshire

1768 and 1769 account of the days spent by a hired hand doing plowing, cutting timber, hoeing, haying, fencing and harvesting

The worker may have been Noah Emery or the hired hand may have worked for Noah Emery.

Noah Emery may have been Captain Noah Emery (1699-1761) or his son Noah Emery (1725-1788) or another Noah Emery. They lived in the Kittery, Maine,  and/or the Rockingham County, New Hampshire, area.

It's possible that the top line indicates a Caleb Emery; if so, he may have been the hired hand.

If you have a theory as to the people connected to this document, please leave a comment for the benefit of other family researchers.

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