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1782 Roster of Capt Jotham Doyle's Company of Harpswell, Brunswick & North Yarmouth, Maine; in Manuscript Genealogy of William Willson (abt 1750-1801) of Harpswell, Maine

Pages 102-107 listing the 1782 rosters of the company led by Capt. Jotham Doyle - of men from Harpswell, Maine; Brunswick, Maine; and North Yarmouth, Maine.  

These pages appear in a manuscript genealogy of William Willson (about 1750-1801), also seen as Wilson, and Descendants.

The genealogy was handwritten by Willson's great grandson William Blake Josephs (1854-1918) of Portland, Maine, in 1901 [with later entries by both himself and others].

The manuscript is discussed in installments, as noted below.

The manuscript measures approximately 7-1/2" by 5"and contains 201 numbered pages, with pages 182-183 and 199-200 missing.  William Blake Josephs wrote the vast majority of the information.

Note: most of the entries are unsourced, but information may have come from people with direct knowledge. Take all with a grain of salt, knowing there may be nuggets here not found anywhere else.

Be aware: the compiler used very little punctuation, including periods at the end of sentences, and was not careful about pronoun antecedents and spelling.  All of this makes some of his information difficult to nail down.

Toward the end are a few pages of entries in a more contemporary hand, perhaps entered by Joseph's widow Mary Jane (Blair) Josephs or one of their children. The missing pages are in this section.


Page 3
Having some family records and
wishing to preserve them is what led 
me to prepair this Book the early trad-
itions of the family herein quoted
have been handed down to me and
are Know doubt correct the principle
part of this work is the Military His-
tory of my great grand Father William
Willson his record of service in the Am-
erican Revolution i got from the 
Secretary of the State of Mass. (Maine
Was a part of Mass until 1820) this rec-
ord was taken from the Revolutionary
Archives of the State of Mass. The accou-
nt of the Battles he passed through
Was taken from the best works in pr-
int on the Revolutionary War Viz
Carringtons Battles of the American
Revolution, Lossings Field Book of
The Revolution. Paul Allen's History
of the American Revolution (Published
in 1819). Dr. Thatchers Military Jour-
nal. The part that relates to the 
Penobscot Expedition was taken from 

Page 4
Williamsons History of Maine also
Nathan Goulds History of Col Jona-
than Mitchells Reg. of Cumberland Co
The experience of the Regts to which Will-
iam Willson was attached was also his 
Experience so I have given the Battles
In detail which is very interesting rea-
ding especially that part which has refer-
ence to Cap Enos Stones Journal in
These few extracts it shows what beca-
me of the Prisoners taken by the British
in the Battle of Hubbardton Vermont it
can not be found in any history that
I ever saw. our Ancestor William Willson 
was one of the Prisoners

Pages 102-107 - Roster of Capt. Jotham Doyle's Company - Harpswell, Brunswick and North Yarmouth

Note: North Yarmouth was much larger in 1782; it then also encompassed what is now Freeport, Cumberland, Yarmouth and Pownal.

A transcription follows the images.


Rolls of Companys in the Continental
Service from Brunswick Harpswell
and North Yarmouth in 1782

Copied from Documents in the State
Library at Augusta Maine and put
into a Pamphlet from and deposit
ed in the Library of the Maine
Genealogical Society at Portland
Maine by Joseph P. Thompson

A Return of Capt Jotham Doyle's Co
of Harpswell Maine
with the number of guns cartridge Boxes
Bayonets Powder Balls and Flints belong
ing to each Soldier

Clement Scofield111/21
John Adams
Elijah Jordan111/21
Marlboro Sylvester1111/4406
Barstow Sylvester111/2406
John Bordan Jr1111305
Elijah Doyle11206
Jonathan Johnson11
William Booker
Joseph Booker11306
Thomas Morgaridge1126
Andrew Dunning Jr111406
Samuel Linscot1111406
Ezekiel Curtis111402
Walter Maryman1111/2121
Michael Doyle11/8401
Elisha Doyle11/4151
William Alexander1111201
Thomas Maryman1111401
Michael Maryman
David Curtis1111401
Caleb Curtis11
Nehemiah Ward111
Nehemiah Ward Jr
James Booker11
Elijah Allen1
Paul Allen11/2102
Swansey Wilson1111402
David Wheeler
John Addeton11
Luther Gardner
William Barnes11/416
Ephraim Allen3
Joseph Clark13/4
John Clark1
John Reddicks1
James Maryman
Israel Douglas
Paul Toothaker
Joshua Webber11
Benjamin Webber
Thomas Farr
Daniel Webber11120
Daniel Webber Jr
Timothy Barstow
William Haskell1
Lemuel Bibber13/4
Robert Wyer1
James Barstow111283
Hutson Bishop11
Abner Bishop1
Joshua Bishop11
Clement OrrG1
John Blake1
John Orr
Seth Gardner
John Bray11
Samuel Alexander
Timothy Maryman1120
James Gardner11/1620
Paul Curtis1
Ward Haskell1
Willabe Haskell
David Johnson1
Jotham Baker1111
John Farr1
Jeremiah Smith
Thomas Smith
Silas Kemp1
Jedediah Allen
J. Sanders
Benjamin Rolf
David WIlson
William Wilson
Joseph Evans111/491
James Evans1

A Return of the Alarm List of Said Co

_____ Sylvester, Esq1111406
Capt Nehemiah Curtis2121406
Benjamin Dunning1111406
Andrew Dunning1112726
Thomas Maryman1111201
Joseph Orr11/421
Joseph Evans1
Alexander Evans1111406
Joseph Clarke11
John Redick111
Johnson Stover1111/22
Alcot Stover1
Paul Randall11
David Webber1
Daniel Randall111/2
Michael Curtis
Jacob Blake11
John Stackpole111
Thomas Adams11/28
Hugh Alexander121/210
Hugh Maryman1
James Gardner1
John Bray
Michael Sennit
Luke Bishop
Thomas Farr11
Water Maryman [Walter ?]1111201
John Jordan1
Joseph Dunning
Seth Toothaker
Jacob Johnson11/21610

If you have corrections and/or information on any of the men mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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