Saturday, June 13, 2020

Photograph of Eugene Melvin Tarbox (1857-1861) of Biddeford, Maine; and Newburyport, Massachusetts

Photograph in a jacket of young Eugene Melvin Tarbox with his dates of birth and death on the facing page.  "Born Apr 27 1857 Died Aug 28 1861"

From brief online research, hopefully correct:

Eugene Melvin Tarbox was born either in Maine or in Newburyport, Massachusetts,  on 27 April 1857, the son of Henry C. Tarbox and Amanda (Remick) Tarbox.  Sadly, Eugene died of dysentery at Newburyport on 28 August 1861.

One death record shows Eugene's place of birth as Newburyport, Massachusetts, but another record shows Biddeford, Maine. The 1860 Census of Biddeford, Maine, shows that Eugene was born in Maine.

Eugene is buried with his father and other relatives in the Woodlawn Cemetery at Biddeford, Maine. Eugene's mother is buried in the First Parish Burying Ground in Newbury, Massachusetts.

If you have information to share on the family of Eugene Melvin Tarbox, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Notice the front of the jacket, which has a then-innocuous swastika embossed on it.

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