Saturday, June 13, 2020

Cabinet Photograph of Dorothy Scribner (1800-1897 or 1899)

Cabinet photograph of an elderly woman identified on the reverse as Dorothy Scribner, born May 25, 1800, with either a death year of 1897 or 1899 - or one of those years was the date of the photograph, not the year of her death.

If the latter case, she may have been Dorothy (Piper) Scribner (1800-1901) of Otisfield, Maine, daughter of Jonathan Piper and Dorcas (Stevens) Piper and wife of Elijah Scribner (1798-1876), all of whom were deceased by the time of this photograph.  This Dorothy was indeed born on May 25, 1800, at Otisfield, Maine; she died in 1901 in adjacent Harrison, Maine.

Dorothy is holding a book that looks very much like a family Bible.

If you recognize Dorothy from your family photographs or research, please leave a comment or contact me directly.