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Photograph of Annette (Annas) Wilder Huson (1857-1914) of Presque Isle, Maine

Photograph of older woman identified as Annette (Annas) Huson, sister of C. E. Annas and aunt of Philip Annas.  She was Sarah Annette Frances (Annas) Wilder Huson (1857-1914), "Nettie".

From brief online research, hopefully correct:

Nettie was born 3 November 1857 at Presque Isle, Maine, the daughter of Alfred R. Annas and Almira J. (Wilson) Annas.  One of her siblings was Calvin Edgar Annas (1872-1969), as noted above; he in turn was the father of Philip A. Annas (1904-1998).

Nettie married twice:
  1.  In 1878 - Maine, Marriage Index, 1670-1921 - Benjamin Forrest Wilder, who had divorced first wife Clara Packard earlier that year - Maine, Divorce Records, 1798-1891
  2.  In 1892, Marcus Samuel Huson (1850-1907)

Benjamin Forrest Wilder had a son with his first wife Clara, but I don't believe Nettie had any children of her own.

Nettie died of liver cancer on 21 February 1914 at Lewiston, Maine while living with her sister, Mrs. Alvaretta (Annas) Elder.  Nettie's occupation at the time of her death was listed as housekeeper.  She's buried in the Fairmount Cemetery at Presque Isle, Maine. Her parents, other relatives and both of her husbands are also buried in Fairmount Cemetery.

If you have information on the Annas, Wilder and/or Huson families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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