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Programs for 1926/1927 of the Optomystic Club of Dry Mills, Gray, Maine

Programs for the years 1926 and 1927 of the Optomystic Club of Dry Mills, Maine, at Gray, Maine.

Pamphlet, approximately 5-1/2" x 5", with two interior leaves.

Francis Woodbury, President  [elsewhere, shown as Frances Woodbury]
Fanny Stewart, Vice President
Jessie Barrows, Treasurer
Susie Quint, Treasurer

Program Committee
Lois Dolloff; Eva Verrill; Darthea Woodbury

Library Committee
Darthea Woodbury; Nellie Stoddard; Elsie Parker; Ethel Stiles; Eva Verrill

Programs from December 1, 1926 to July 6, 1927

Programs from July 20, 1927 to November 16, 1927

Alphabetical list of people mentioned in the pamphlet\\Jessie Barrows, Treasurer; multiple
  • Jessie Barrows, Treasurer; multiple
  • Alice Chase; multiple
  • Marion Chase; multiple
  • Lois Dolloff, Program Committee; multiple
  • Julia Flye; multiple
  • Ethel Foley; multiple
  • Jeanette Foster; multiple
  • Minnie Foster; multiple
  • Ruth Goff; multiple
  • Sibyl Goff
  • Margaret Hall; multiple
  • Susie Hanson
  • Florence Jackman; multiple
  • Carrie Libby
  • Mary Libby; multiple
  • Virgie Maxwell; multiple
  • Ella McDonald
  • Ellen Morrill; multiple
  • Mary J. Morrill; multiple
  • Elsie Parker, Library Committee; multiple
  • Etta Quint; multiple
  • Flora Quint; multiple
  • Susie Quint, Secretary; multiple
  • Gertrude Roberts; multiple
  • Fanny Stewart, Vice President; multiple
  • Ethel Stiles, Library Committee; multiple
  • Nellie Stoddard, Library Committee; multiple
  • Alice Thompson; multiple
  • Ruby Thompson; multiple
  • Eva Verrill, Program Committee & Library Committee; multiple
  • Jennie Verrill; multiple
  • Margretta Walker; multiple
  • Hittie Webster
  • Flora Whitney
  • Eva Wilson; multiple
  • Darthea Woodbury, Program Committee & Library Committee; multiple
  • Frances Woodbury, President [spelled as Francis on cover]; multiple
  • Mildred Woodbury

If you have information on any of the women mentioned above, taking care to respect the privacy of people who may be living, please leave a comment or contact me direclty.

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