Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Old Photograph of the Anne Nickerson Farm at Brighton, Maine, plus several photographs of the presumably-related Welch family

Faded photograph of "Aunt Anne Nickerson's home up in Brighton, Me."  Brighton is a town in Somerset County, Maine.

I believe Anne was Esther Ann Nickerson, or Ann Esther Nickerson, daughter of William Nickerson and Thankful (Parsons) Nickerson and wife of her cousin Aaron Nickerson.  This Ann(e) died in 1917, to give you some idea of the era of the photograph.  Aaron had died in 1902.

It's very possible that E. M. Welch, the young man depicted in a photograph farther below, was Anne(e)'s nephew or grand nephew, by blood or marriage.

Ann(e) and Aaron were both born in New Hampshire, Ann(e) in 1828 and Aaron in 1820.  They married about on July 12, 1846, presumably in Maine, as there's a record for them in the Maine Marriages, 1771-1907 database.  I noticed the the Genealogy Database of the Nickerson Family Association gives the marriage place as Swanville, Maine, but I haven't corroborated that myself.

This database also notes that the couple is buried in the Hutchins Corner Cemetery of nearby Wellington, Maine (see the map below).

Accompanying the photographs were three others, supposedly of the Welch family, but I suspect one of them was actually of Ann(e) herself:
  • A photograph of an older woman that the seller identifies as Mary Welch, but I believe is actually Ann(e) (Nickerson) Nickerson as the handwriting mentions both names and gives the death date of September 8, 1917, which was Ann(e)'s death date.  Ann(e) is sitting on a chair/table.

  • A photograph of young man identified as E. M. Welch, whether the same person or a related person; by a studio at Norwich, Connecticut.  He may have been the nephew or grand nephew of Anne(e) and Aaron Nickerson.

  • A photograph of a man with the surname Welch; his given name might have been Horace.  If you can determine the proper given name, please leave a comment or contact me directly - thanks!

If you are able to tie the Welch family to the Nickerson family, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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