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1902 Commencement Exercises, Hallowell High School, Hallowell, Maine

Commencement Exercises of the Class of 1902 at Hallowell High School, Hallowell, Maine, which were held at the First Baptist Church on Friday, June 20, 1902 at 2pm, with a Class Reception at City Hall at 8pm.

Approx. 7-1/8" by 5-1/2", consisting of an outer covering and two inside sheets.

  • Music
  • Invocation by Rev. E. W. Webber
  • Music
  • General Topic - "Some Features of American Progress"
  • 1.  Virginia Louise Payson, Salutatory; "As Others See Us", A Review of Prof. Munstuberg's 'American Traits'
  • 2.  Nellie Gertrude Conley - "The Recent Growth of American Literature"
  • Music
  • 3.  Adelia Agnes Vigus - "Progress in Electricity"
  • 4.  Edith Christella Varney - "Transportation and Domestic Commerce"
  • 5.  Lena Blanche Sinclair - "Agriculture, Mining and Manufactures"
  • Music
  • 6.  Annie Elizabeth Day - "The Higher Education of Women"

  • 7.  Lottie Mae Johnson - "Women in the Industries and Professions"
  • 8.  Blanche Addie Wotton - "The Legal and Political Status of Women"
  • Music
  • 9.  Thomas Pentecost Bullock - "Civil Service Reform"
  • 10. Eva Charlotte Plummer, Valedictory - "America as a World Power"
  • Music
  • Presentation of Diplomas - Rev. C. A. Wight
  • Music

Class Reception at 8 pm.

Class History - Estelle Blanchard Varney
Class Prophecy - Winifrede Eleanor Austin
Presentation of Gifts - Katherine Louise Carey
Singing Class Ode

Class of 1902

Classical Course
Eva Charlotte Plummer

Latin Scientific Course
Katherine Louise Carey
Virginia Louise Payson

English Scientific Course [alpha order]
Winifred Eleanor Austin
Thomas Pentecost Bullock
Nellie Gertrude Conley
Annie Elizabeth Day
Lottie Mae Johnson
Lena Blanche Sinclair
Edith Christella Varney

Estella Blanchard Varney
Adelia Agnes Vigus
Blanche Addie Wotton

Class Colors - Crimson and White

Class Motto - "Non Quis Sed Quid"

If you have information to share on any of the graduates or ministers mentioned above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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