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1890s Autograph Album of Clara M. Sherrick of Amanda, Ohio - Inscriptions & Calling Cards

1890s autograph album that belonged to a Clara, presumably Clara M. Sherrick, of Amanda, Ohio.   The album contains both inscriptions and calling cards.

Two clues to Clara's identify:
  • An inscription by "Mother" gives a place name of Amanda, Ohio
  • In his inscription, Henry Weaver Sherrick calls Clara his cousin

The album measures approximately 9-1/4" by 6" and contains the sentiments or calling cards of nearly sixty of Clara's relatives and friends.  An alphabetical list of the inscribers, together with any personal information they offered, appears at the end of this post.

Surnames in the Album

? [2]IIngledueSSears [2]
AArneyKKeesShaeffer [2]
BBaldwin [2]KnouffSherrick [3]
Barr [2]LLarrickSmith
BonnerMManvilleYTaylor [5]
CChaseOOram or CramTurner
Cram or OramPatrickWhiley
DDixPealer [2]
Heffon or HerronRoss

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Assuming I have the correct Clara,  Clara M. Sherrick was born May 6, 1876 at Berne Township in Fairfield County, Ohio, the daughter of John Sherrick and Rebecca (Syfert or Seifert) Sherrick.  It was presumably Rebecca penned the first inscription in the album; inscribed at Amanda, Ohio, on January 8, 1893.

I lost track of Clara after the 1900 Census of Berne Township, Ohio, at which time she was living on her parents' farm with two siblings.  By 1910, John and Rebecca were listed alone at Lancaster, Ohio.  If you have information on Clara's later life, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

As noted above, Clara's cousin Henry Weaver Sherrick inscribed a page on November 8, 1896.  Henry's father Noah Sherrick was the older brother of Clara's father John Sherrick.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or information on any of the inscribers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Inscribers in the Album
  • Maude Mary D?; possibly Deane or Deune
  • Kenneth ?; calling card
  • Maud Arney; calling card
  • Emery E. Askins; calling card
  • Enoch Baldwin; calling card
  • Fannie Baldwin; calling card
  • Arthur C. Barr; calling card
  • Orrie C. Barr; calling card
  • Stanley Beard; calling card
  • A. W. Bonner; calling card
  • Arthur A. Brown; calling card
  • Mary C. Chase; calling card
  • George A. Cowen; calling card
  • Franklin B. Oram or Franklin B. Cram; calling card
  • ? D. Dix; given name looks like Euun; calling card
  • Christopher Duran
  • Flora Nell Fosler; inscribed on April 19, 1897
  • Myrtle Hashbarger or Hashborger; calling card
  • W. S. Heffon or W. S. Herron; calling card
  • Effie J. Heim; inscribed at Lancaster, Ohio, on January 14, 1898
  • Charley S. Hopkins of Bloomfield, Ohio; calling card
  • Lena M. Howard; calling card
  • Vada M. Hubbell; calling card
  • Thomas W. Ingledue; calling card
  • Bette Kees; calling card
  • ? Keith; possibly H. S. Keith or H. L. Keith; calling card
  • John B. Knouff; calling card
  • Mae Larrick of Adelphia, Ohio; inscribed on January 7, 1898.  Given name could also be Mac or Max
  •  Lula Leatherman; calling card
  • Elmer C. Manville of Sparta, Ohio; calling card
  • Perry C. McQueen; calling card
  • Franklin B. Oram or Franklin B. Cram; calling card
  • Mattie Parson; calling card
  • Charley C. Patrick; calling card
  • Hattie Pealer; calling card
  • Nora Pealer; calling card
  • Frank F. Pinder; calling card
  • Martha Potter
  • Miss Eva Randolph; calling card
  •  G. G. Ross; calling card
  • Laura A. Sears; calling card
  • William S. Sears; calling card
  • Clara E. Shaeffer; calling card
  • Miss Susie M. Shaeffer; calling card
  • Lewis Shafer; calling card
  • Clara of Amanda, Ohio; album owner.  Presumably Clara M. Sherrick, daughter of John Sherrick and Rebecca (Seifert or Syfert) Sherrick
  • Henry Weaver Sherrick; inscribed on November 8, 1896.  Clara's cousin.  Henry's father, Noah Sherrick, was a brother to Clara's father, John Sherrick
  • Mother, inscribed at Amanda, Ohio, on January 8, 1893.  Presumably Rebecca (Seifert) Sherrick, Clara's mother
  • Ralph Immer Smith; calling card
  • Charley S. Stimets; calling card
  • Nellie S. Taylor; calling card; calling card
  • Rachel Taylor; calling card
  • Rosy M. Taylor; calling card
  • Samuel Taylor; calling card
  • Scott Taylor; calling card
  • Mary E. Thurston of Washington Court House, Ohio; inscribed on October 21, 1896
  • Hattie J. Turner; calling card
  • John F. Warner; calling card
  • Bessie Jeanette Whiley of Lancaster, Ohio; inscribed on August 30, 1896

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