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1880s Autograph Album of Sarah B. Siebert of Canada, Kansas

1880s autograph album that belonged to Sarah B. Siebert of Canada, Kansas.   Canada, Kansas got its name from the numerous Canadian natives who settled there, Sarah being one of them.

Sarah inscribed several pages throughout the album.  The facing pages shown below are the inside front cover and the first page of text present - there may have been pages that are lost.  The welcome page is the next present page of text.  Sarah's confusing use of "S"s occurs throughout most of the pages she inscribed.

The album measures approximately 4-1/4" by 2-3/4" and contains the sentiments of nearly 40 people, though some of those who called themselves Sarah might have been Sarah B. Siebert herself.  An alphabetical surname list and an alphabetical list of the inscribers, together with any personal information they offered, appear at the end of this post.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

Sarah B. Siebert was born about October 1875 in Canada, the daughter of Christ Siebert and Barbara (Yagge) Siebert.  Several of Sarah's siblings inscribed pages in her album: sisters Edith, Maryann; and Matilda.

Three of Sarah's cousins inscribed pages:
  • Matilda Siebert
  • Sadie S.; possibly Sadie Siebert
  • Cousin who didn't leave a name
According to an article in the March 13, 1896 issue of the Marion Record newspaper, John Siebert and the "Misses Clara and Sarah Siebert" suffered a carriage accident while returning from church.  Sarah was the most seriously injured.

I believe it was this Sarah B. Siebert who married Lee Bruce Swinford and moved with him to Washington State, where they had at least two children.  If you have more information on Sarah Siebert and her later life, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Surnames in the Album

? [11]LLoveless
Bushlen ?Meyer
GGaiser [2]SSacket
Good [4]Siebert [9]
KKannengiesserTTobin ?
Kerth* ?WWismer

Inscribers in the Album

  • Ella; Sarah's schoolmate at the school at Canada, Kansas
  • To Sarah, but incomplete and unsigned
  • Victoria; Sarah's schoolmate
  • Lovina, inscribed in 1891
  • Unsigned sentiment
  • Agnes; inscribed on January 22, 1889 at Canada, Kansas.
  • Sarah; possibly album owner Sarah Siebert
  • Catharine; inscribed on January 22, 1889 at Canada, Kansas
  • Sadie S., possibly Siebert; Sarah Siebert's cousin
  • Signed by a cousin of Sarah Siebert, who didn't give a name
  • S. B. S.; possibly inscribed by album owner Sarah B. Siebert
  • Emma Bluhm
  • Louis H. Bushlen; not sure of middle initial or surname
  • Myrtle M. Ely
  • Lizzie Gaiser
  • Susan Gaiser; inscribed on August 24, 1888
  • Josiah Good; inscribed on October 23, 1888
  • Loruma Good
  • Jacob E. Good
  • Emma Good; Sarah's schoolmate
  • Alice S. Kannengiesser
  • Lizzie ?  Might be Lizzie Kerth*
  • Chester Kolb
  • Matilda Kreutziger; middle initial might be C or E.
  • J. Loveless
  • William Messner; inscribed on January 22, 1889
  • Angeline Meyer
  • Maggie Moulton; inscribed in 1888
  • John Sacket
  • Sarah B. Siebert, "Sally", of Canada, Kansas; she inscribed her name and messages on several pages.
  • Miss Siebert; inscribed on May 6, 1888; not necessarily album owner Sarah Siebert, but possibly
  • Matilda Siebert; inscribed to "Sallie".  Matilda was Sarah's Siebert's sister
  • Edith; Sarah's "little Sister"; Edith Siebert of Canada, Kansas
  • Eli Siebert; middle initial too faint to read, but possibly C..  Sarah Siebert's brother.
  • Jacob Siebert
  • Matilda Siebert; Sarah Siebert's cousin
  • Maryann Siebert; Sarah Siebert's sister
  • Clara Siebert
  • L. Tobin or Tobia or ?
  • Angeline M. Wismer.  She would marry Sarah Siebert's brother John Siebert.

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