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Bible of Dr. Albert Franklin Piper & Martha Verenna (Eaton) Piper of Rockport, Maine

Bible of Dr. Albert Franklin Piper and Martha Verrenna (Eaton) Piper of Rockport, Maine.

The Bible, which measures approximately 12" by 9-3/4" by 3", was printed by Ziegler & McCurdy of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Cincinnati, Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; and Springfield, Massachusetts.  It contains four pages of entries of Piper family history, as well as a scrap of paper with information on the Eaton family.

Marriages Pages [separated by a Births page]:

  • Albert Franklin Piper of Rockport in Camden and Martha Verrenna Eaton, both of Rockport in Camden, married on August 24, 1872 at Belfast, Maine

  • Caroline V. E. Piper and William Thomas Brastow, Married Tuesday June 18th, 1901 at Rockport Residence of Dr. Piper.  Ceremony Rev. T. E. Brastow
  • May F. Piper and Walter Hastings Webling of London England.  Married July 17, 1901 at Portland.  Residence of Hon. F. E. Richards.  Dean Sills performed ceremony

Births Page:

  • Caroline V. Eaton Piper, born Saturday, September 27, 1873
  • Susie Louise Piper, born Wednesday, December 8, 1875
  • May Franklin Piper, born Monday, May 1, 1878
  • Walter Hastings Webling, Jr., born July 9, 1902 in Brockley, London, England on Adelaide Road, No. 31, at the residence of Mrs. Sophie Webling.  Son of Walter Hastings Webling and May Franklin (Piper) Eaton
  • Thomas Franklin Brastow, born March 19, 1906, son of William Thomas Brastow and Caroline V. (Eaton) Brastow

Deaths Page:

  • Susie Louise Piper, Died April 17, 1885, age 9 years 4 mos 9 days.  Friday, five o'clock (Rheumatism Heart)
  • May Franklin (Piper) Webling.  Died Saturday night eleven o'clock & thirty five minutes.  August 13th, 1904.  age 26 years 3 mos. 12 days.  (Pernicious Anemia)
  • Albert Franklin Piper, M.D., Died Thursday night, June 21, 1906 at twelve o'clock, age 54 years 10 mos. and 19 days. (sufferer from Bright's disease 18 years (Shock or Euremic convulsions) result of B. disease

The paper scrap with Eaton family history:

  • Father, Dr. Eaton [Hosea Ballou Eaton] died Monday April 19, 1887.  65 years, 3 weeks.
  • Mother, Martha W. Eaton [Martha W. (White) Eaton] Died December 5, 1903, 82 years 1 month.
  • Thomas Glover Eaton died in San Diego, California, Tuesday, Dec. 12, 1893.  Born February 17, 1858
  • Hosea Ballou Eaton, Born September 17, 1855
  • Martha Verrenna Eaton [future wife of Dr. Albert Franklin Piper], Born January 8, 1853
  • John Parker Eaton, Born [left blank]

If you have more information on the Piper, Eaton, Brastow and Webling families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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