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1888-1904 Autograph Album of Harvey Elliott Mayberry or Mabry of Dugspur, Virginia

1888-1904 autograph album that belonged to Harvey Elliott Mayberry, "Elliott", of Dugspur, Virginia. 
Several inscribers wrote Elliott's surname as Maberry, and one who called herself Elliott's cousin wrote her name as Ella Mabry, which appears to have been spelling that Elliott's father used.  Elliott's gravestone, however, is etched Mayberry.

Elliott inscribed the dedication page.

Surnames in the Album:
  • Booker  (2)
  • Dehaven
  • Gardner  (3) 
  • Goad 
  • Hylton
  • Mabry or Mayberry (2)
  • Martin
  • Meredith  (2)
  • Semones  (3)
  • Simpkins  (2)
  • Smith
  • Vaughn

Two of the pages include gem-sized photographs, one of them presumably inscribed by Elliott's first wife Susan (Simpkins) Mabry in 1890, with photographs of herself and Elliott.  Susan died in 1904.

The album measures approximately 6" by 4" and is partially disbound.  It contains the sentiments of 25 of Elliott's relatives and friends, three photographs and a newspaper clipping of the poem "Love Song of the Future".  An alphabetical list of the inscribers, together with any personal information they offered, appears at the end of this post.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested:

According to information on his gravestone, Harvey Elliott Mayberry was born 3 September 1866 and died December 3, 1953 (indexed as December 4 on the Find a Grave memorial).  His parents were Greenberry Mabry and Mary Louisa (Sutphin) Mabry.

Eliott married Sue Simpkins, daughter of Calvin Simpkins and Elizabeth (Wilson, I think) on  March 4, 1889 in Pulaski County, Virginia.  Sue inscribed a page in the album before their marriage, with her residence given as Snowville, Virginia, and, as noted above, may have been the inscriber of the page with the two photographs, shown just above.

Before Sue (Simpkins) Mayberry died in 1904, she and Elliott had at least two children, son Oscar who died in infancy in 1892 and son Fred, born in 1894.

Inscriber Delia Simpkins seemed to be referring to a death, perhaps that of Sue (Simpkins) Mayberry.

On December 4, 1904, Elliott married Emma Florence Yearout, daughter of Jacob Yearout and Nancy (Lawrence) Yearout.  Emma was born, according to her gravestone, on August 27, 1879.  A Virginia Births and Christenings record shows August 10, 1880; although it's indexed as a birth, perhaps it was the date of her christening.

Elliott and Emma had at least three children, daughters Bettie, Ethel and Ora.

Harvey Elliott Mayberry and his wives Sue (Simpkins) Mayberry and Emma Florence (Yearout) Mayberry are buried in the Simpkinstown Cemetery at Simpkinstown, Virginia.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

The other person who affixed a photograph to her page was Sarah V. Booker.

Inscribers in the Album
  • Friend
  • Friend
  • Your cousin, M. M., inscribed at Star, Virginia, in December 1888
  • Page inscribed "Dear Aunt Necy"
  • "true friend and companion"; inscribed on Christmas day 1904.  Perhaps inscribed by Elliott's second wife Emma Florence (Yearout) Mabry shortly after their marriage of December 4, 1904
  • "Your devoted companion", inscribed on March 1, 1890.  Gem sized photographs of a woman and a man pasted on the page.  Could the page have been inscribed by Elliott's first wife Sue (Simpkins) Mabry, and the photographs that of herself and Elliott?
  • M. Ellen Booker of Round Peak, North Carolina
  • Sarah V. Booker; she pasted her gem-sized photograph on the page.
  • Laura E. Dehaven; inscribed on January 24, 1889.  Not sure of surname
  • Adina C. Gardner; inscribed on January 24, 1889
  • Delita V. Gardner; inscribed on January 4, 1889
  • Rachel Gardner
  • Lucy Goad; inscribed on October 27, 1888 at Hylton, Virginia
  • Lulia L. Hylton; inscribed at DugSpur, Virginia
  • Ella Mabry; inscribed on October 14, 1888 at Hillsville, Virginia.  Elliott's cousin
  • Harvey Elliott Maberry or Mabry of Dugspur, Virginia; album owner; he inscribed a dedication page.
  • Lucy E. Martin of Star, Virginia; inscribed on January 30, 1889
  • Mollie N. Meredith; inscribed on October 5, 1888 at Max [?] Valley, Virginia
  • Virginia L. Meredith; inscribed on October 5, 1888 at Mountain Home, Virginia
  • Annie J. Semones; inscribed on November 7, 1888
  • M. M. Semones; inscribed on January 23, 1889
  • S. E. Semones; perhaps Sarah E. Semones
  • Delia Simpkins; a sad entry that might have been inscribed upon the death of Sue (Simpkins) Mabry?
  • Sue Simpkins; inscribed at Snowville, Virginia, in October 1888.  She would be become Elliott's wife in 1889; she died in 1904.
  • J. C. Smith
  • A. S. Vaughn

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