Saturday, July 30, 2016

c1900 Photograph of Marjorie May Mills at Age Two

c1900 photograph of Marjorie May Mills at age two.  Sadly, no studio imprint to aid in identification.

Marjorie may have been the Marjorie May Mills born about 1906 in Nova Scotia, the daughter of Hiram Enos Mills, Jr., and Prudence Melissa (Ripley) Mills.  On January 30, 1928 at Joggins, Nova Scotia, this Marjorie married Raynold Melanson, son of Israel Melanson and Alice (LeBlanc) Melanson.

Sadly, Marjorie died of tuberculosis at Joggins, Nova Scotia, on August 31, 1930.  Her death certificate, with information provided by Raynold, gives her birth place and date as Joggins, Nova Scotia, on June 20, 1906. Another reference gives her birth date as September 1906.

If you recognize this photograph from your family heirlooms or research, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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