Thursday, July 14, 2016

c1900 Photo: Edie Lou Dinsmore; Elsie Thompson & Mertie Wiley, Presumably of the Milo, Maine, Area

Photograph, dated "1900?", of five women, the reverse of which identifies three of them as Edie Lou Dinsmore; Elsie Thompson; and Mertie Wiley.  Presumably "Mama", the mother of the person writing the identifications, was also in the photograph.

I believe the women hailed from Milo, Maine, and vicinity.

The photograph was found with other photographs from the Milo, Maine, area, including one of Frank Gilmore Thompson and his wife Katherine Maud (Hanscom) Thompson.  Perhaps "Mama" was Katherine, who was born June 15, 1879 at Milo, Maine, the daughter of Isaac Wilson Hanscom and Lizzie Catherine (Wingate) Hanscom.

Edie Lou Dinsmore was presumably Eda Lue Dinsmore, born August 29, 1879 at Medford, Maine, the daughter of Samuel Osco Dinsmore and Ida Frances (Smart) Dinsmore.  She later worked as a stenographer at Fairfield, Maine, and Bangor, Maine.

Elsie Thompson may have been related by blood or marriage to Katherine's husband Frank Gilmore Thompson.  The identification shows her given name as Elsie ?, so it's possible that Elsie is not her given name, or perhaps the question mark indicated that the writer did not know her middle name or maiden name.
Mertie Wiley may have been Myrtle Rosmer Littlefield, who married Fred Elmer Wiley at Lagrange, Maine, on October 26, 1902.   Myrtle was born at Medford, Maine, on March 11, 1880, daughter of Henry A. Littlefield and Lena E. (Thomas) Littlefield.

If you recognize any of these women from your family photos, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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