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Gem Tintype of a Couple Identified as Richard and Ruth Woodbury (Town) Howard of Grantham, New Hampshire

Gem tintype of a couple identified by the seller as Richard and Ruth Woodbury (Town) Howard of Grantham, New Hampshire.  The seller was dispersing tintypes from an album of related people.

The identification presumably comes from what was written below the image in the page in which it was slotted; I don't have an image of the page.

Nothing on reverse.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions requested]

Richard Howard was born November 19, 1815 at Grantham, New Hampshire, the son of Dennis and Sarah (Morrill) Howard.  On May 12, 1844, also at Grantham, New Hampshire, Richard married Ruth Woodbury Town, daughter of Moses and Betsey (Woodbury) Town.  Ruth was born July 31, 1815 at Grantham, New Hampshire.

Richard and Ruth lived at Grantham, New Hampshire, and had, I believe, three children:
  1. Ella A. Howard, born November 7, 1846; she married John P. Hall
  2. Edwin Howard, born February 6, 1849; he married Lucy J. Nelson
  3. Samuel Breck Howard, born May 25, 1855; he died in infancy
  4. William Henry Howard, born March 6, 1858; he married Elvira H. Morse
Richard died July 6, 1883, and Ruth died November 30, 1885; they're buried in the Dunbar Hill Cemetery at Grantham, New Hampshire, with their three sons.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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