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1905 Graduation Photographs of Twin Sisters Rachel Collins Arnold and Ethel Bateman Arnold of Providence, Rhode Island area

1905 graduation photographs of twin sisters Rachel Collins Arnold (1883-1974), above, and Ethel Bateman Arnold (1883-1971), students at Technical High School at Providence, Rhode Island.

The photographs are each 4" x 3"; mounted, the pieces are 10" x 7".  They were found with 14 similar photographs of 7 young men and 7 other young women.  Most of the photographs, including these, were taken by the Edgar K. Horton studio of Providence, Rhode Island.

A list of the people in the photographs appears at the end of this post.

Below, Ethel Bateman Arnold.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome!]

Rachel Collins Arnold (1883-1974) and Ethel Bateman Arnold (1883-1971) were born 19 August 1883 at Warwick, Rhode Island, daughters of Milton Henry Arnold and Cora Burlingame (Carder) Arnold, both Rhode Island natives.  

Rachel and Ethel had three other siblings:
  • Florence Esther Arnold, born 5 May 1880 at Warwick, Rhode Island
  • Cora Mildred Arnold, born 10 November 1881 at Warwick, Rhode Island
  • Milton Cortland Arnold, born 19 December 1896 at Warwick, Rhode Island
At the time of the 1910 Census, Rachel was still at home with her parents and was working in a photographic dark room, as was Ethel.

By 1920, Rachel was a portrait photographer, still at home with her parents and 5 siblings at Providence.  Ethel was working as a clerk.

By 1930, Cora and three of her children, Florence, Rachel and Ethel, were still at Providence.  Milton had died in 1923.  Rachel was still working in photography, as a finisher, and Ethel was a clerk in a hardware store.

By 1940 sisters Florence, Mildred, Rachel and Ethel were living together at Providence.  Their mother had died in 1932.  Rachel was still a photographer finisher.  There was no occupation listed for Ethel.

Ethel died in 1971.  Rachel died in 1974.

If you have corrections to the information above, or additions to it, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

List of people in the 16 photographs:

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